Posted on: 14 July 2012
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Thousands of members belonging to Provident and Pension Funds , have not claimed their monies from these Funds. Collectively these Funds have billions of rands in unclaimed money. I know because I have been dealing ( for 10 years) with Insurance Companies , Banks. Unions , the various Bargaining Councils which collect your Provident Funds including Gvernment. BENEFIT RECOVERY SOLUTIONS has been helping people claim from these FUNDS. These Funds have a legal obligation to pay you money that belongs to you and any surpluses that may have accrued. Many do not make these claims as a result of ignorance or apathy. If you have changed jobs in your working career , retired or unemployed , this would apply to you. Families of deceased members can also claim.GIVE US A CALL ON 0843254949 AND WE WILL COME TO YOU - DURBAN AND SURROUNDING AREAS.

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