Muimeleli Agree Khameli

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Muimeleli Agree Khameli
What job i'm looking for? My positive points
I am looking for Code 14 EC driver job. I am hard working person who is eager learn and grow with a company. Driving was my passion since i was young and i would like to see myself driving in one of big companies one day.
Preferred occupation:
Truck drivers
Driver jobs
Preferred work location:
Pretoria / Tshwane
Contacts and general information about me
Day of birth:
1994-12-10 (25 years old)
Residential location:
Pretoria / Tshwane
Additional information
Salary you wish:
R15000 R per month
How much do you earn now:
R7000 R per month
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