Posted on: 30 January 2018
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Service Desk Agent-Riverhorse Valley

  • Work on the Call Centre system (HEAT) to log customer’s incoming calls
  • Logon to HEAT at the start of your shift to log customer requests/ faults. All phone calls must be answered within 3 rings.
  • Receive electronic requests for service and completing daily. Emails to be logged within 15minutes.
  • Ensure that HEAT and Email applications are opened at all times. Ensure all required applications are functional.
  • Ensure all calls are logged accurately and timeously and all site and user details are input via HEAT.
  • Always ensure that you are compliant with the Systems Applications and processes including client SLA's to determine impact and scope of problem
  • Assets and Change Control processes must be followed at all times
  • Understand customer SLA's, processes and procedures
  • Timeously escalate calls.
  • Daily Tasks should be performed accurately and timeously to ensure that clients’ needs are met.
  • Ensure that all documentation is complaint to customer contracts.
  • Proactively manage and take care of calls that are logged
  • Take ownership of all your calls and assist your colleagues where possible.

Main Responsibilities / Tasks:

  • Log all calls received via telephone, e-mail or web portal
  • Log and liaise with outside vendors ensuring minimum downtime to the customers systems
  • Request for updates daily/ follow up with engineers/ 3rd party vendors daily
  • Update calls with information/feedback sent via e-mail/telephone
  • Request ratings for all calls logged
  • Respond to SLA warnings
  • Proactively escalate calls
  • Resolve calls within the respective SLA
  • Ensure that asset and CCF forms are logged and have been completed before a call is marked for closure
  • Keep calls to a minimal
  • Monitor call queue
  • Provide First line support for Illovo customers.
  • Monitor NMS system before 8am.

Daily tasks

  • Log all calls and Respond to calls logged within SLA – General System calls, Management requests, new requests, Change Controls and escalations.
  • Work on Call Centre Systems
  • Be logged into all allocated queues by the start of each shift, ready to take calls. (Be at least 10 min early for your shift)
  • Answer the phone in a professional and friendly manner (project an attitude of service)
  • Log all calls in the HEAT system
  • Phone must be answered within 3 rings (Do not bounce calls)
  • Maintain a professional helpdesk image, stay positive and patient at all times
  • Receive electronic requests for service and completing daily checks
  • Receive e-mail requests from clients
  • Ensure that e-mail is working at all times. If not escalate to the call center manager immediately.
  • Log calls for e-mail requests / problems received within 5 minutes of receipt
  • If you are uncertain about the detail of the call, you need to phone the requestor within 10
  • Minutes from receipt with your questions
  • Respond back to customer via e-mail or telephonic call
  • Complete Daily Checks within allotted time
  • Call logging
  • You must be logged into HEAT ready to log calls by the start of your shift
  • If there is a problem with HEAT, you need to escalate this to the call center manager immediately
  • Always adhere systems applications and processes ie HEAT
  • Take details down accurately
  • Provide first line support on Client calls.
  • Check client details and correct where necessary
  • Choose the correct categories and selections where applicable
  • Check your grammar and spelling at all times. Mistakes will not be tolerated
  • Always follow the prescribed client procedures
  • Back office support
  • Determine the impact and the scope of the problem (how many people are effected and how urgent is it?)
  • If it’s a single user problem, go through basic troubleshooting. Provide first line support on Client calls.
  • Always follow the prescribed client procedures
  • Change Management
  • Change Management must be adhered to at all times
  • Escalations
  • Escalation procedures must be adhered to at all times. Must understand all customers SLA’s and processes.
  • Client specific Processes
  • Take responsibility for completing check lists accurately and on time, and providing feedback on time
  • Follow escalation procedures at all times
  • Documenting procedures
  • Always ensure that there are documented procedures describing your tasks
  • Ensure that all documentation is complaint to customer contracts
  • Taking ownership
  • Follow up on calls you have logged
  • Keep the client informed of the status of logged calls, problems or down times
  • See calls through to completion
  • Add daily updates to call journals
  • Follow up with 3rd parties
  • Ensure that when you assign a call to someone that they are actually available to handle the call
  • Don’t leave your desk or log out of queues if it is busy (unless you absolutely have to)
  • Don’t leave your desk or log out of queues if no one is there to man the queues. Escalate to your superior so that an alternative plan can be made
  • Go out of your way to assist co-workers and clients
  • If any of the helpdesk tools are preventing you from doing your job, escalate to your Manager immediately

1 . To ensure continuous self development with regards to knowledge and skills in respect to the internal and external customer’s requirements

Human Capital- To be competent/certification in the specific internal and external client’s systems, software and hardware requirements and provide proof to the Service Desk Supervisor within 48 Hours after completion To ensure that the employee keeps to the work schedule and any deviation must be communicated verbally within a reasonable timeframe to allow for alternative arrangements to be made by the Helpdesk Supervisor.

  • To ensure that the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is met as per internal and external customer requirements

Customer - To ensure that all calls are logged, resolved, escalated, followed up, serviced and closed within the agreed SLA.  To ensure a minimum of 80% customer satisfaction feedback rating on a monthly basis.       Ensure continuous communication and feedback is provided to all customers regarding any incidents or requests logged. To ensure that the quality and processes of internal and external customers are adhered to as specified in the company’s policies and procedures.

Quality Processes- To ensure compliance with internal and external client’s safety and security regulations as well as Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements. To adhere to Internal and External customer’s electronic code of conduct.  To ensure that all calls relating to repairs and new IT equipment is tracked on a continuous basis. To ensure all Service Desk procedures for all clients are adhered to on a daily basis.

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