Application letter

Excellent application letter

Excellent application letter may be also very important thing in job search. You should send your application letter only when employer asks that in job advert.

If employer wrote in job ad that application/motivation letter is essential, so be sure that he will pay huge attention to it. Application letter shows your individual characteristics. You must convince employer that your application is the best and you are serious and qualified professional to work in his company. Excellent application letter's result - you'll be invited to job interview.

Excellent application letter's writing tips:

  • Must be prepared in formal style, wrote by computer, not by pen;
  • Shouldn't be more text than 4-5 paragraphs in A4 page;
  • Must be without grammar and style mistakes;
  • Employer can see your computer literacy from your document. So prepare document correctly, with same font, without text coloring, with same line height, text align;
  • Letter should be started with information about where did you find job advert;
  • In the following paragraphs you should write about your education, job experience and other your personal qualities, which looks useful to mention related with position you apply;
  • In application letter you must write why you want this job and why you are the best applicant for employer;
  • Letter should conclude with question asking for an interview, example: "I welcome the opportunity to discuss this job opening with you in a personal interview."

Mistakes in application letter you should avoid:

  • Don't write versatile application letter "for all occasions". Application letter must be for THAT company where you apply for a job;
  • Avoid application letters which you found on the internet. Your application letter must be unique, otherwise your application letter can be the same as others and employer won't invite you for an interview;
  • Application letter is not a novel or science article, try to make it detailed, but laconic without grammar mistakes;
  • Don't mention information which won't be interesting for employer. Mention just that what is useful for that job position;
  • Don't repeat information that is in your CV. If employer wants to know when you finished school or how old are you, he will look at your CV.

Hope this information was useful and you will write excellent application letter. Don't forget be polite in your job interview. What you should talk in job interview read here.

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