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Polosong Hospital jobs available

Polosong Hospital jobs available

Polosong Hospital
5 minutes ago
Leratong Hospital jobs available

Leratong Hospital jobs available

Leratong Hospital
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Bakubung platinum mine
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Shongani Mkhize

Shongani Mkhize from Durban City

36 years old, female
I'm looking for drivers positions in fork lift,cramp trucks and also operators over head crans,plant operators,I'm also gud at controlling the conveyors,wire machines ,ima fast learner, I work at sappi as an outside operator where we control all the product with machines and stack them
19 minutes ago
Atshilaho Netswera

Atshilaho Netswera from Witbank

25 years old, male
For excavator operator
43 minutes ago
Tlou Wilson Mosomane

Tlou Wilson Mosomane from Polokwane / Pietersburg

41 years old, male
Im looking for driving workn. I have C1 with PDP. My positive points are pmatient, communication and truthful.
2 hours ago
Annah Dube

Annah Dube from Pretoria / Tshwane

23 years old, female
The job that am looking for is being a griller, or cashier due to the experience of that am having I fitt to be a cashier I have a good customer service.
2 hours ago
Christinah Tinyiko Baloyi

Christinah Tinyiko Baloyi from Pretoria / Tshwane

24 years old, female
General worker
2 hours ago
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Most popular cities for jobs in South Africa are Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria. People browse jobs in many different platforms, but one of the most popular is here - job search engine with many different jobs and cvs. Other main job search sources are pnet jobs, careers24, gumtree jobs, glassdoors, indeed jobs and many others. In all job websites you will find different jobs in different cities, so you should definitely use job search and specify what job are you looking for. Search for jobs, grow your career and use all possibilities which this platform can give you. Knowledge and initiative are the main keys to get a job in South Africa.
If you're looking for a job abroad
If you're thinking about working abroad - outside South Africa, then you'll face with the new challenge of different currencies. Because of huge unemployment in South Africa and small wages, many of us, South Africans, thinking about emigration to other countries. Most popular locations are: United States of America, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom or Canada. So, if you're thinking about going to work abroad, we recommend to use currency converter. We are used to live here, in South Africa, and pay with rands in our country, but when you go to United States, the currency there is US dollars, so, you will need to know dollar to rand and rand to dollar conversion rate. The same in United Kingdom you will earn pounds, so you will follow pound to rand and rand to pound exchange rates. In Europe you'll earn euros, so rand to euro and euro to rand, in Australia - Australian dollars, so, aud to rand and rand to aud, in Canada - Canadian dollars, so, cad to rand and rand to cad. Basically, we recommend you to use currency converter, where you can modify - add or remove any currency and to see live conversion rate. When you analyze exchange rate charts, you can predict when to exchange your money. Also, it is important to find out where is the cheapest place to send money to your country.

If you think to go to the United States of America and start your own career there, we recommend to search here for jobs in the U.S.

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