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ZA Mails
4 minutes ago
Vinyl applicator required

Vinyl applicator required

Northern Suburbs
5 minutes ago
Accounts Clerk

Accounts Clerk

Kontak Recruitment
North Suburbs
6 minutes ago
Barber needed

Barber needed

Pretoria / Tshwane
6 minutes ago
Receptionist (Telecommunications)
22 minutes ago
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Sfiso Nkanyiso Makhaye

Sfiso Nkanyiso Makhaye from KwaZulu-Natal

19 years old, male
I'm a young and creative young man. I'm a hard worker, I work well under pressure and I'm a team player. I don't mind working overtime if I need to reach a deadline. I communicate well with others, I enjoy being around people and I have computer skills. I'm experienced when it comes to event organising and digital/social media marketing.
28 minutes ago
Mthokoziseni Landokwakhe Sithole

Mthokoziseni Landokwakhe Sithole from Gauteng

24 years old, male
I am a creative, innovative and motivated individual with strong communication skill. My current goal is increasing my experience within a company whose culture encourages growth, learning and demondsvq high standard of work from its employee. I am looking for an opportunity to apply the knowledge ,skill and experience that I have gained in my career to have an efficiant and effective impact. I am committed to achieving and exceeding demanding targets and business objectives while remaining forcused on providing an exceptional standard of service.
14 hours ago
Vuyo Mteki

Vuyo Mteki from Umtata / Mthatha

27 years old, male
I am a 28 year old determined male who is prepared to achieve the anticipated goals of the job description. I am a hard worker, self-motivated, goal oriented individual who is always looking for a challenge to enhance my skills and knowledge, I like to interact with other people and adapt easily to different kinds of environment. I have the best communication skills, telephone skills. I have since developed my desire in the administration industry to empower more knowledge. I am able to work different kinds of shifts and under pressure. I can speak isiXhosa and English fluently.
15 hours ago
Anna Thoko Msiza

Anna Thoko Msiza

40 years old, female
Kitchen job ,washing dishes cleaning the kitchen scrubbing the wall nd making sure that all things are in good shape and position.
15 hours ago
Hughsten Moatshe

Hughsten Moatshe from Pretoria / Tshwane

31 years old, male
Shelf parking and truck loading
19 hours ago
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