Job interview

Top tips for job interview

Job search it's the process we can't avoid. Everyone looks for a job, sends CVs and goes to job interviews. To do well in job interview is very important, because it's the last step before you get hired.

Here below you will find the main rules you should follow to have successful job interview.

First rule. Preparation for job interview.

  • Don't be late and come 10-15 minutes earlier to job interview;
  • If you'll come earlier you will have more time to know more about the company and to see where to go for an interview;
  • You have to dress for job interview. See what's the situation and where are you going, probably you don't need to wear suit if you are pretending to chef or driver position, but try to dress not to casually, either. Clothing must be clean, don't use too many colors, flashy ties or make up.
  • Don't bring things you don't need. Have with you just what you need for Job interview: CV, Application letter, recommendations.

Second rule. First impression.

  • Employer will have his own opinion about you just in 5-10 first seconds;
  • Very important to prove you are positive and confident;
  • If employer gives you a hand, answer and give it back suddenly. Hand shake must be strong (not too strong), and very important is to look in to employer's eyes;
  • Wait until employer will invite you to sit and will show you where;
  • Never lie to employer, be honest and confidence.

Third rule. Think before saying.

  • Don't interrupt when employer talks;
  • First listen question, then answer;
  • Don't tell negative facts about your previous jobs;
  • Try to answer questions honestly and consistently.

Fourth rule. You have to ask everything you were interested, before you leave job interview.

  • You must know main details about the job you're interested;
  • We recommend you to ask a question related with job position or the company. This will show that you're interested in job position;
  • Ask when (date) you will get any answer about your job interview success.
  • At the end of job interview thank for possibility and leave quietly.

Now you know what to do and what don't do at job interview. Follow these steps, take it serious and we guarantee success. After success you'll get hired, so read what should you do first day at work.

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