First day at work

What to do and not to do your first day at work

First day at work is very important and you should make positive first impression for your new colleagues.

We have you some good advices which will let you easier to integrate into new team and to find new friends at work.

What is important first day at work?

1. Punctuality

Punctuality is very good characteristic, so don't be late your first and other days at work. This shows your interest to new job, your responsibility. Later you may get important tasks to do from your director.

2. Enthusiasm about new job

New employee who is enthusiastic, loves what he do is more memorable and makes good impression. So, be positive, love what you do and it will help you to become part of the team.

3. Right clothes

See how your colleagues are dressed up at work, try to be better, but not to much than they. Your clothes must be clean, popular, not too casual. If you work at office - use suit, tie, formal clothes.

4. Don't forget to say "Thank you"

If you work with your new colleagues, don't be rude, be nice, if someone helps you, always say "thank you". Also, try to help everyone, be helpful.

5. Contact with new colleagues

First day at work be polite and try to communicate with more people, introduce yourself, ask about what they do at work. Try to go lunch together with your colleagues - it's easier to know each other.

What you shouldn't do first day at work?

1. Don't be too open

If you are open - it's very good characteristic, but first day at work be careful. You shouldn't tell about your first love or that you have any problems in your family.

2. Don't complain

If you will start complain from the very first day at work about everything, you will make bad first impression about yourself.

3. Don't flirt

You have to think about flirting or starting new close relationship with your colleague. We all know that love is the thing we can't control, but try do not play games at work.

4. Don't tell things from previous job

Each company has own strategy and principles. Advices how to optimize company's work are very good, but don't overdo. It could be too fast tell advices or critics when you are new at work.

5. Don't eat fish for lunch

Maybe it's funny advice, but if you bring food from home to work for lunch - don't bring food which has strong smell.

We believe that you'll be great in your new job and don't forget that sometimes simple advices can bring you huge success. If you did too many don'ts or didn't do dos at your new job, probably you're looking for a new job. So, please go to job listing and choose new job.

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