Perfect CV tips

Why perfect CV is so important?

Curriculum vitae (CV) is like your business card and one of the most important thing in successful job search. Send your CV when you are looking for any mid or high qualification job. CV will show for employer what writing level you have, what languages you know, what is your experience and etc., so if you want to get job invitation from employer, you must prepare your CV correctly.

CV acts very important role for employer and employee in job search process.

What benefits of having correctly CV?

In short time period you can represent yourself, your qualification, job experience, personal qualities, which you may need in new job where you trying to apply. If you see few suitable job offers for you - try to apply to all jobs where you will be able to work. In one time you can apply not just in one job position.

CV benefits for employer

To get CV is often much comfortable than to get a call from employees. Employer may get hundreds CV per day, so you can imagine if all candidates will call to employer - he will be all day on the phone. Never call employer if he asks to send him CV. When employer gets CV, he in short time period decides whether he wants to talk with you, whether not. So it is very important to prepare perfect CV before you try to candidate to any job position.

You must to know these most important rules on preparing your CV:

  • Detailed, but laconic. You don't have to write all your life history in CV. Try to write most important facts about your experience, knowledge, benefits.
  • You must know where you send your CV. Don't candidate to position where you can't work. Also, if you write in your CV that you are looking for cleaner job, you can't candidate to builder job position. If you are able to do few jobs, you should prepare few CVs for each position.
  • Clear and understandable. Don't use different fonts or font sizes. Don't write all texts in capital letters. Just sentences must begin in capital letter.
  • Without grammar mistakes. CV it's a document, so must be prepared without mistakes. Before you send your CV to employer, please check it one more time or give to check it for your family members, friends.
  • CV should be a mirror of you. Write real information about you, never overrate and don't lie.
  • Prepared with computer. CV must be prepared with computer, otherwise it will take more than two A4 pages.
  • Saved in PDF. It is better to save your CV in PDF file. It's easier to open it comparing to .doc file.

So, if you still don't have your CV or want to create one more, you can create your CV here. On system you can create as many CVs as you want, but just one CV can be main at the moment. With main CV you can apply to job positions you see on Any CV you've created you can download in PDF.

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