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Radibanka Tshabalala

Radibanka Tshabalala from Heilbron

37 years old, male
I'm looking a job for code 14 now I apply for a bcoz our company is shutting down so they retrench us is based in benoni
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Tefo Simon Mokoena

Tefo Simon Mokoena from Heilbron

37 years old, male
Driving code 14 because i want to build my house and build my 3 children a further life they are at school now all looking for me as breat Winer
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Luyanda Makhuthu

Luyanda Makhuthu from Johannesburg

31 years old, male
I would appreciate if I can get warehouse supervisor position because I've lot of experience for 5 years and 1 year in shipping import and road transportation (logistics). But now I don't choose jobs I can do anything for living. I'm a fast learner and willing to learn more. I'm also a hard working person who love helping and motivating people. I'm self driven and self motivated. Skilled and humble. Healthy I don't drink and I don't smoke.
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Masilo Mpondo

Masilo Mpondo from Sasolburg

General worker. ... I am a hard worker and able to work with a team. ..
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Kleinbooi Mokoena

Kleinbooi Mokoena from Heilbron

33 years old, male
Work under presure,hard worker
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Kleinbooi Mokoena

Kleinbooi Mokoena from Heilbron

33 years old, male
Operator,bob cat driver and forklift
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Gift Siphiwe Mtimkulu

Gift Siphiwe Mtimkulu from Heilbron

41 years old, male
I am a hard working person who is always to work, I am able to work under pressure and always willing to work with trust and faithfullness to make sure that , become one of the greatest assect of your company. I am good in communicate and always working effectively and tidly and willing to work with no exception.
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Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla

Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla from Pretoria / Tshwane

45 years old, male
I,m very energetic, and a fast learner,i need a job that will allow me,To work enough, so i can earn enough,4 my family, s wellbeing, a job that will allow me to travel/work enough hours,so i can earn a reasonable income,of which now i can't, I have now 16years in truck driving industry, and accident free,defensive driver i am.
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