Andiswa Judith Gazi

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
What job i'm looking for? My positive points
Caregiver job

1. **Empathy**: I can understand and share the feelings of those I care for, creating a compassionate and supportive environment.
2. **Patience**: I have the ability to remain calm and composed, even in challenging situations, which is essential for effective caregiving.
3. **Communication**: I can convey information clearly and listen attentively, ensuring that needs and concerns are understood and addressed.
4. **Reliability**: I am dependable and consistent, ensuring that those in my care receive the attention and support they need.
5. **Problem-solving**: I can think critically and find solutions to problems that may arise in caregiving situations.
6. **Flexibility**: I can adapt to changing needs and situations, providing care that is responsive and tailored to individual requirements.
7. **Attention to Detail**: I can notice small changes in behavior or health, allowing for proactive care and intervention.
Preferred occupation:
Medicine, healthcare, nursing jobs
Preferred work location:
Cape Town
Western Cape
Western Cape
West Coast
Western Cape
Mbombela / Nelspruit
Contacts and general information about me
Day of birth:
1982-05-10 (42 years old)
Residential location:
Cape Winelands
Western Cape
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90000 R per month
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