Julian Reichman Israelsohn

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Julian Reichman Israelsohn
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I am a qualified and experienced Gym Owner, Manager, Personal Trainer
and Sports Conditioning Coach - with more than twenty-five years’
experience in the health, fitness, sports and martial arts industries - in various
training, management, leadership and motivational roles.

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate individual who has single
handedly shaped three young commercial enterprises –

1. A successful traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in
Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa

2. Fitness Technologies – a private personal training and performance
gym facility in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa

3. Fitness Technologies has successfully incorporated one of the pioneer
CrossFit Gyms in South Africa, CrossFit Platinum, to become one of the
front runners for the Sport of Fitness and CrossFit in Johannesburg and
South Africa, also being the First and Original Reebok Recognized
Affiliate in Johannesburg.

CrossFit Platinum represented South Africa at the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit
Games in the Teams divisions.
CrossFit Platinum is one of only three original CrossFit Gyms, in South Africa, to
have celebrated their ten-year affiliation anniversary in 2019.

I have practical and diverse experience as a gym owner, manager, leader,
teacher and trainer of clients, students and trainers at all levels with a
particular focus on motivating clients, students and trainers for maximum
success in their related training, exercise, and business goals.

I continue to participate and compete in Triathlon and Ironman racing,
Obstacle Course Racing – I am a Spartan Ambassador and have qualified for
the World Championships, as well as a competitive CrossFit career by
participating in local and national CrossFit events - now competing in the
Masters divisions.

I also use the knowledge and methodologies of CrossFit and Sports
Conditioning Training to prepare myself and other clients for various CrossFit
and a multitude of Endurance events.

Management, Coaching and Training is what I do - from Trainers, to Athletes,
to Clients, to Facilities.

I would definitely be the right person for the job.

I look forward to being given the opportunity to take your business and
company to the next level.


Preferred occupation:
Wellness Manager
Other jobs
Sports Management
Medicine, healthcare, nursing jobs
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1977-01-12 (47 years old)
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60 - 80 000 R per month
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50 - 70 000 R per month
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