Lerato Ntjana

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Lerato Ntjana
What job i'm looking for? My positive points
I am looking for a general work in construstion industry beacause I have ability to work with people and I am willing to learn more about construction industry again i once been in a learnership with rand water as a water agent so thats where i fugure out that team work is one of the best thing in a work place so as A Woman I love to learn new things in my life......I have matric I did work at retail store I know how to communicate with people I did my practical as a water agent in Clanwilliam municipalitinat west coast....so I will pleased to get new knoledge from different sectors of the business.

Thank you
Preferred occupation:
Construction jobs
Preferred work location:
East London
Eastern Cape
Contacts and general information about me
Day of birth:
1990-10-28 (31 years old)
Residential location:
Free State
Telephone number:
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Additional information
Salary you wish:
R5000 R per month
How much do you earn now:
non R per month
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