Ntombi Nontobeko Mkwanazi

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Dear Sir/madam

I am unemployed with more then 3 years experience, and I believe that I am an exceptional candidate for the job opening that was listed on social media. After considering the position requirements and my professional credentials, I know that I can perform beyond expectations and excel on position opened which meet my experiences. The qualification listed in the job description appear suitable for my skill sets. I understand that through this position, I will need to demonstrate versatility to accomplish the associated tasks. Ultimately, my profound work ethic and diverse capabilities will prove instrumental in my role data capturer and paying clerk.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss and this position. Given my high level of interest in this role I am excited to provide any additional details as needed. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact by phone call on 067 777 8005 or alternative 079 026 3889 and also via email at mhlengintaka87@gmail.com.

Ntombi Nontobeko Mkwanazi
Preferred occupation:
Online data processor
IT, computing jobs
Computer operator
IT, computing jobs
Preferred work location:
South Coast (Ugu)
North Suburbs
West Suburbs
Contacts and general information about me
Day of birth:
1992-07-17 (29 years old)
Residential location:
Durban City
Telephone number:
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Email address:
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Additional information
Salary you wish:
7500 R per month
How much do you earn now:
0.00 R per month
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