Sales manager’s job
Sales managers face a lot of challenges and take on variety of duties

Complexities in the sales managing

07 July 2017  

Sales manager’s job in Johannesburg means not just simply leading a team of salespeople, but, first of all, ensuring that the company offers a product in a manner that meets the changing needs of the market. After all, South Africa is the sort of country that is constantly trying to grow and to achieve the highest standards, to catch up and exceed other economies.

This means that sales managers face a lot of challenges and take on variety of duties to ensure success in sales and business development. This post requires to be a leader who knows how to manage sales and people, who is able to investigate new markets, find ways to improve existing products, as well as develop new opportunities and approaches that can positively influence the business.

For example, B2B sales strategy is one of the many approaches known to a sales manager, that could be a beneficial channel for sales, business and marketing. But what is business-to-business sales? Well, as opposed to direct sales, B2B industry consists of companies that sell to the other business and not directly to the clients. For instance, it’s not unusual for the wholesalers to sell their products for retailers, who later sell those supplies to the customers. Yet, B2B sales actually tend to sell more costly and technologically advanced products and have the potential to get more profit than business-to-consumer sales. One needs to have quite a different mindset for this platform, yet it helps to reduce the cost of selling and marketing and it is a valuable way to extend your business.

Even though it is difficult to determine the wages in sales sector, because it depends on a particular company, commissions and the fact there is no fixed salary, it is clear that a specific position and the role in sales truly makes a difference.

Therefore, sales managers are the ones who are rewarded with one of the highest salaries and earning potential. National, regional, general and export managers – all of them, according to PayScale, have a chance to earn a minimum of R40 000 per month in South Africa, if they have enough experience and the required qualifications, training.

Altogether, it’s a position worth considering and pursuing. Even though engineering and IT jobs are believed to be the highest paying ones, there are other opportunities which don’t require a bunch of degrees in order to earn the most. As a matter of fact, South Africa also values and provides great opportunities for business owners and sales managers.

There is a great future ahead of you, if you are prepared to work hard and continually develop in order to achieve this rewarding career. Try looking for a job in sales!

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