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Clients are the ones who keep their business alive

What is a successful restaurant manager?

02 August 2017  

The restaurant industry, as well as the whole hospitality sector in general, depends on the external changes in the environment, it relies on the location, tourism situation and other aspects involving people – clients, who are the key figure in this sector.

Well, South Africa does not have to worry about these factors, as the country is not only a highly populated country, but is also very lucky to be a desirable business, job-seekers and tourist destination. All of which makes the job search so much easier to some people. For example, such an advanced city like Johannesburg doesn’t really face the issue of needing to adapt to the changes of environment or to the decrease in the number of clients and visitors. The city is constantly overwhelmed by a number of tourists, who tend to spend their money in shopping centres, hotels and variety of restaurants. So local people are sure to find a job in the restaurant industry, since it generates millions of jobs in South Africa.

However, those previously mentioned circumstances – population density and high number of international visitor arrivals – has made the restaurant industry quite competitive in South Africa. This means that in order to assure a good performance of a restaurant, it is important to pay attention to the management of the business. So how does a successful restaurant manager operate?

The manager, who seeks to make his business thrive must meet some requirements, he or she must have the needed competencies and qualities:

1. Aim for the best customer service

A reasonable restaurant manager should remember that clients are the ones who keep their business alive. That is why it is essential to focus on the customers and to address their needs. Building relationship with the customers and being aware of the environment they’re being invited to is significant to the successful development of the business.

2. Ability to communicate, solve problems and lead

Any customer service related job requires to obtain excellent people skills. Yet, managers, in particular, have to be able to both find a compromise and to make decisions. The leader must have regard to customer concerns and be professional who finds a way out without making a fuss. Ability to motivate others and be a driving force in the restaurant is what brings respect to the manager and to the whole business.

3. Ensure the quality of employment and consider employees’ needs

To operate smoothly and avoid failure it is crucial to take employees into account. It’s important to provide them with good working conditions and offer opportunities for development. The manager should have these human resource skills and be sensible enough to develop a team and chose the right candidates, who might not always have all the skills, but who are able to contribute to the customer satisfaction and other restaurant’s achievements in other ways.

4. Being organised and planning ahead

A great manager develops the ability to multi-task. It is highly important when it comes to every little aspects of managing a business. One should keep in mind that this job requires to concentrate on key strategies, manage your time, keep records, be consistent and stable while also making a plan for each day.

Don’t be afraid to take a big step in your career and take a look at the restaurant management jobs in South Africa that might bring you extraordinary success!

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