Growing private security industry in South Africa

18 May 2017  

South Africa is known for many things, but surely not for its safety. However, the country is committed to make difference and responsibly deals with such issue. Many security providing companies are established in the country with the goal to make difference and protect community and business.

South Africa’s high rates of crime has lead private security industry to become a major industry and employer in the country. The size of the industry has grown so much, that the number of private security officers has even outgrown the number of police officers three times since the 1997 and by now there are approximately 490 thousand active registered security officers in South Africa. Basically, private security industry keeps on performing functions that used to be entirely the police’s responsibility and continues to expand their numbers.

South Africa’s high rates of crime has lead private security industry to become a major industry and employer in the country.

High crime rates are also related to the fact that most of the businesses and suburbs in South Africa are wired with alarms and protected by high walls, electric fences and motion sensors. Behind steel gates is hiding big dogs barking at strangers and on the streets there are quite a lot of the private security guards carrying guns. Therefore, it is not a surprise that most of the time high levels of security is the first thing many visitors mention and pay attention to.

Yet, this is no news as South African private security industry is often said to be one of the largest in the world. Interestingly enough, since this industry is growing rapidly, security guards’ and officers’ role is changing and becoming more important. Not only do they guard institutions, people and companies, but also information and other intellectual property that is in danger of being stolen by hackers, etc.

Generally speaking, the demand to protect property and people has always existed, however, specifically in South Africa this need is more significant, because the threat level in the country only continues to grow. That is one of the factors why South Africa barely faces any competition when it comes to private security industry.

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