Crime stats in South Africa
Crime stats in South Africa

High Crimes rate in South Africa motivates to work at Security sector

22 May 2017  

South Africa has been known for its high crime rates for quite some time now. It seems as if the solution to this problem has always been quite strict, yet one-sided – employing more and more security officers and efficiently using the power it has. And even though it has always been quite simple to find any particular information concerning the numbers of registered security or police officers, it was a lot more complicated to find out more about the types of crime committed in South Africa or any statistics related to this topic. Even if one managed to discover that sort of data, by the time it was released it was already out-dated, which was not so useful in the present.

Well, this issue has finally improved. In June 2016 South African government started releasing crime statistics every quarter in order to contribute to designing crime prevention plans and improving the current situation in this field.

As stated in the official crime statistics provided by the the police in March 2017, more than one million severe cases of crime have been presented to the SAPS (South African Police Service) over the period of 9 months in 2016, which is over 4000 crimes per day on average.

2017 crimes stats South Africa
Highlights on the 17 community-reported serious crimes

Contact crime category has received the most attention because crime rates increased the most in this area. This sort of crimes are the ones which involve violent contact between the criminal and the victim.

For example, murder is one of those crimes. As mentioned before, that same statistics provided by the police between April and December 2016 states that over this time period approximately 52 murders were reported every day in South Africa on average.

It is quite difficult to rate another contact crime accurately – yet rape still ranks high in this category. More than 30000 rapes were recorded by the police between April and December.

Rape statistics in South Africa
Rape statistics in South Africa

According to the statistics, rates of assault, on the other hand, seemed to have declined. However, it is important to remember that these statistics does not always indicate the actual crime levels in South Africa, because this data only includes the crimes reported to the police. Therefore, there is still a possibility that victims simply did not report some of the assaults and other accidents.

It is evident that analyzing the most recent statistics provides a broader view on a situation and helps government to take actions accordingly. High crime levels continue to be one of the main problem the country encounters. But this sort of annual statistics and the detailed information it provides are crucial when trying to understand country’s crime rate and managing this problem.

High Crimes rate should be the reason why to choose job at Security sector.

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