Lowest Unemployment rate by presidents: Mandela 16,7%, Mbeki 22,5%, Motlanthe 23,11%, Zuma 24,75%

08 May 2016  

The unemployment in South Africa is huge problem and no one can solve it over for 30 years. At the moment we have 8,2 million unemployed South Africans with 24,5% unemployment rate in February 2016.

Do you remember 1980's when unemployment rate was 10-15%? Jobin.co.za specialists compared the unemployment rate when South Africa was controlled by four presidents from 1994 to 2016: Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.

Nelson Mandela (president of South Africa in 1994-1999)

Nelson Mandela
The lowest unemployment rate through Mandela's cadency was 16,71% in 1995
Years Unemployment rate
1994 22.89%
1995 16.71%
1996 19.321%
1997 20.952%
1998 25.197%
1999 23.346%

Nelson Mandela in 1994-1999 period have reached average 21,4% unemployment rate.

The lowest unemployment rate through Mandela's cadency was 16,71% in 1995.

Thabo Mbeki (president of South Africa in 1999-2008)

Thabo Mbeki
The lowest unemployment rate through Mbeki's cadency 22,525% in 2008
Years Unemployment rate
1999 23.346%
2000 23%
2001 25.95%
2002 27.8%
2003 27.65%
2004 25.15%
2005 24.65%
2006 23.55%
2007 23%
2008 22.525%

Thabo Mbeki in 1999-2008 period have reached average 24,8 unemployment rate.

The lowest unemployment rate through Mbeki's cadency 22,525% in 2008.

Kgalema Motlanthe (president of South Africa in 2008-2009)

Kgalema Motlanthe
Kgalema Motlanthe in 2008-2009 period have reached avarage 23,112% unemployment rate
Years Unemployment rate
2008 22.525%
2009 23.7%

Kgalema Motlanthe in 2008-2009 period have reached avarage 23,112% unemployment rate. But he served only 1 year period following the resignation of Thabo Mbeki in 2008.

Jacob Zuma (president of South Africa in 2009-present)

Jacob Zuma
The unemployment rate through Zuma's cadency is not changing and the average is 24,75%
Years Unemployment rate
2009 23.7%
2010 24.875%
2011 24.8%
2012 24.875%
2013 24.725%
2014 25.1%
2015 25.5%
2016 24.5%

Jacob Zuma in 2009-2016 period have reached average 24,75% unemployment rate.

The lowest unemployment rate through Zuma's cadency was 23,7% in 2009.

We compared all our presidents by unemployment rate and we saw that only with Nelson Mandela we had the lowest unemployment rate 16,71% in 1995. We had better life, better wages, we were so happy and motivated to live.

Almost 20 years we live with 23% unemployment rate and we don't see any changes. At the moment our country has over 8,2 million unemployed people who struggle for jobs, for better life. We don't need anything special, we just need new jobs and better life without corruption in our country.

South Africa unemployment rate 1994-2016

South Africa unemployment rate 1994-2016
South Africa unemployment rate 1994-2016 (Jobin.co.za)

Do you agree we need a new leader, we need new Mandela to go out from this situation?

Friends, share your thoughts in comments. Let's move South Africa together!

Aldrin Smith
So true
Yandisa Mdande
Zuma hohlulekile umbeki number 01
Maria Matjena
Silly zuma
Moeketsi Bohloko
Dats my president zuma
Dinisha Alexander
No now is 99.9% from z ngxongxela
Stephen Boshoff
Madiba was the best in the world, Mbeki was very intelligent, and Motlanthe was far beter than Zuma. What South Africans need is Cyril Ramaphosa, not Malema or Maimane.
Judas Nompi
Tata Madiba
Thalente Ndebele
This tells me that no-one is capable for lowering umemployment even malema he is jst a paragon of today....if Mandela ddnt reach o,o% unemployment wat can make somebody who never experience Harsh Moment of Apartheid to do so...somebody who is not ready to die for our Country...
Yohannes Gugaro
God bless africa
Mkholisi Mdludlu
Look at the third quater and u will see how business will respond becouse trade between South Africa and Iran will yield more oportunities
Jaco Jax Bouwer
Do you guys know that 350 000 people have already lost their jobs this year alone....and it's only May. Unemployment is at 26.7% this quarter. Not good at all...
Mkholisi Mdludlu
If u look at Mandela and Mbeki ..Mbeki became the villian and had 6percent contribution to unemployment ...while Motlanthe 1.percent more to that of mbeki meant he was effective in controlling .hence Zuma only 1 more precent looks much better ....Instead ...
Mkholisi Mdludlu
If u put mind to these levels ..and consider the fact that economic slowdown and middle east saga has a huge impact on how everything happens .South Africa was not deeply affected if Zuma has controlled and manage just over 2 per cent increase ...in economic terms its not a big gap.....we shud say bigup to Motlanthe though how controlled thing from transition.
Thobela Bobozayo
Eish zuma hai tata you fail man yuuuuuu
David Mdletshe
Zuma sort of silly
Thembinkosi Mayirhandile Ngxelo
Zuma u failed man tjoo
Josia Bonginkosi
Zuma is doing well.proud of our Pres.
Nondumiso Mkonto
Zuma u failing dismal tata
Tebogo Lerontyne
All lies
Sipho Gumede
No one is better than the other.uneployment increases everyday even during the times of the so called economist mbheki
Gcobani Raw
He he he he he he Zumaaaaaaaa
Gaoakemaake Olifant
under Mbeki leadership everything was good guys we hv to admit that
Thulani Thulz
F.W was not democratic president so can not start with him do not defend anyone truth must be told
Thulani Thulz
The number of unemployment increase every day
Ayanda Ka Nkwali Lussu
Because it all started at his time before it affects other presidants.
Ayanda Ka Nkwali Lussu
Start with F.W De Klerk then we will be at the same plat form.
Thomas Maile
no thy r not...Mandela never had a house costing millions
Lawrence Maleka
Dey r all de same mxm
Dumisani Mkhosana
Nximm zuma 5 pecent
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