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Most weird jobs that paid well

26 April 2016  

Have you ever thought about the most weird jobs that people are working and get paid for? You will never guess what professions we have found. In the list below you will find most weird professions descriptions and earnings. Share and write in comments which professions are your favourite!

The list of 11 most weird jobs that paid well:

11. Paper towel sniffer (R750000 per year)

Want to do something that requires no effort and can make you a lot of money? Well this job is for you. You can earn up to R750000 by being a professional paper towel sniffer. The job involves simply sniffing paper towel products for companies to make sure the quality. The job requirements read education needed no much training needed all you need is a good sense of smell and the love for paper towels.

10. Pet food testers (R580000 per year)

While you're a subway or Starbucks in your lunch hour, these people are trying down on some of the finest pet cuisine. The testers try out new kinds of pet food, to make sure the flavor, smell and color is pleasant for the animal. Despite the nasty taste workers have to enjoy, the job has an incredibly high satisfaction rate. You can earn up to R580000 a year from the job which is pretty high, considering you're just eating pet food.

9. Bed tester (from R360000 to R580000 per year)

This has to be the dream occupation for lazy people. Bed companies actually pay people thousands of rands, simply to sleep in their beds. The test is measured of the comfort pillows, blankets and mattresses. Hotels are also hire the testers to test the comfort of their beds compared to the competitors. The job pays from R360000 to R580000 per year, just to kick back and relax.

8. Golf ball divers (from R46000 to R150000 per year)

Golf ball divers collect golf balls that have been hitting into hard reach areas such as trees, bushes and plumbs. The job can earn from R46000 to R150000 per year. Typically divers are paid around R1,5 per ball and bring in 2000 to 5000 balls every day. Each year four hundred million golf balls are lost or discarded in the USA alone.

7. Obscure Stunt Testers (R4350000 per year)

An obscure stunt tasters job is to taste obscure and unappetizing foods to make sure that they are OK to consume. It's basically like being on the TV show fare factor, but all of the time. The testers taste things like cockroaches, spiders and other insects and animals you wouldn't even think of eating. The testers are paid about R12000 per day, which amounts to about R4350000 per year.

6. Water slide tester (R580000 per year)

This incredibly fun job involves you testing out new water slides for hotel chains and travel companies around the world. Not only do you get to go to a lot of countries all expenses paid, but you also get to test out some of the world's best water slides. The job can earn you around R580000 per year, but don't get too excited as placements are rare.

5. Sex toy tester (R435000 to R725000 a year)

This strange job involves testing up sex toys for companies, before they are released for general sale. The job has its downsides, as if the product isn't suitable for the public you have to be the one that discovers this. You also work normal hours, meaning you're testing of the toys from 9 to 5 every day of the week and you can earn between R435000 to R725000 a year to the unusual job and surprisingly there's a very high satisfaction rate among sex toy testers.

4. Sewer inspectors (R580000 to R1100000 per year)

This gross job involves climbing into small tunnels, wading through disgusting waters and encountering rats and other creatures. Inspectors have to clean the tunnels, fix blockages and repair broken pipes. Because of the unappealing nature of the job inspectors can earn between R580000 to R1100000 per year. Strangely the job has a pretty high satisfaction reconsidering the task.

3. Face feelers (from R435000 to R580000 per year)

If you're looking for a more hands on job, then this might be for you. A face feeler is paid by a company to feel the faces of other people right after they have used to specific skin product. Soap, lotion and cream companies employ the face feelers to feel the effect of their products on other people's skin. Salaries go from R435000 to R580000 per year.

2. Nude model (R3000 per hour)

If you're brave and unashamed of your body, then being a nude model can be unincredibly lucrative job. Nude models a useful for photography and painting as well as colleges hire nude models for their painting classes. Although most models are freelance they can still make around R3000 per hour. The job is more difficult than you may think as some models have to stay in very awkward positions for long amounts of time.

1. Professional snuggler (up to R900 per hour)

As the title of this job suggests, you have to cuddle, snuggle and hug to comfort another person. If you've ever feeling lonely, you can call a professional snuggler to invite him to come to your home or hotel room for a late night snuggle. Snugglers can earn up to R900 per hour just for hugging a stranger. Optionally you can bring a music player or movie to watch with your hired professional snuggler.

Which job would you like to work? Any jobs you tried or have seen any working in South Africa? Let's share your experience in comments!

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