Coffee is a growing market in South Africa
Coffee is a growing market in South Africa

Seeking a career in coffee industry: how to be a coffee barista?

20 September 2017  

Getting a barista job without experience can be a challenge. Employees, working at a coffeehouses or simply preparing coffee drinks at restaurants and bars, are often said to be the artists, who are required to have relevant skills and know several techniques to establish themselves as qualified employees.

Therefore, it is smart to seek some sort of training course to broaden your horizons and gain relevant knowledge. There is a variety of schools worldwide that offer to teach the techniques of coffee art and preparation. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for barista training in Johannesburg, either.

For example, Origin Coffee Roasting has trained thousands of baristas at their Barista Academy. They offer professional barista courses where you can learn how to make a perfect espresso, as well as the history and coffee theory.

Bean There Coffee Company also has a Coffee Training School in Milpark area that covers every little aspect of coffee preparation. They provide Home Barista and Brewing Courses that help you learn the overall methods of coffee making. But you can also chose a specific Career Barista Course that is created particularly to those who have no previous experience, but are seeking to make a career as a barista. They even offer Coffee Training One-On-One, which means you have a chance to learn directly from a professional trainer with this individual course.

After all, coffee is a growing market in South Africa. It’s no longer foolish to invest in such courses. Just a little while ago instant coffee ruled South African coffee market and you would have to specify if you wanted a freshly brewed cup of coffee, otherwise instant coffee is what you would get. Nowadays, however, the demand for filter coffee in South Africa is bigger than ever. These days, coffee shops and bars have lots of variations and types of coffee to offer and it’s definitely worth looking for a job position in a restaurant or a coffeehouse that has a pleasant environment for a career growth.

If you feel like you have what it takes to succeed in this environment, look for barista job in Johannesburg!

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