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Telemarketing - an important approach in sales

07 June 2017  

Nowadays, most of the people in developing countries have access to cellphones that are used for various interactions. One of its purpose is to provide information – and that is where telesales intervene.

As stated in the report on the mobile economy of Africa released by GSMA in 2016, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa are the three largest mobile markets in the continent. That means that telemarketing has proved to be an efficient way to reach out to the clients.

Telesales, first of all, is an approach that provides clients with useful information, that otherwise wouldn't be provided to them. Telemarketing offers services and products that are harder to reach and purchase (for example, financial services), so telemarketers make sure the product is available to the wider range of people. Therefore, telesales is just a new way to extend the traditional sales model and open up more possibilities and markets.

Besides, it seems like telemarketers are also provided with the opportunity to earn well and succeed in this job. BusinessTech has analysed the review reported by CareerJunction to compare how much did the salaries increase in the main job sectors of South Africa between the year 2016 and 2017. This report shows positive changes regarding telesales and telemarketing. According to the data, 2017 has been very rewarding to telesales and telemarketing – the salaries in this sector has increased by over 40 %.

Salaries comparison in Sales jobs

Sales job salaries South Africa

Yet, to gain and be efficient in the job, one must have skills for this sort of career. The main objective of this job is to persuade and to sell, which means that a well telemarketer must be convincing and, most importantly, sociable. In telesales it is very important to maintain high levels of ethics, because these days telemarketing, in some cases, has a bad reputation, as people complain about spam calls and deceit. Telemarketer is bound to be communicating with a wide range of people that vary in character and patience, so one must be in a good temper and prepared to work under pressure. The levels of pressure depend not just on the clients, but also on the strict time restraints, so the salesperson must be quick thinking and responsible individual, who manages the work assigned to them well and handles their duties according to the requirements. One must, naturally, pay attention to the needs of their customers and sell services or products depending on the specific clients.

If you think you are qualified for such work, take a chance and find a job in sales sector and become a telemarketer in South Africa!

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