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In 2017, The Top Employers Institute certified 86 Top Employers in South Africa specifically

Top employers in Johannesburg

06 June 2017  

When looking for a job, one of the criteria for a job-seeker could be the overall reputation and high standards of the company. That is why employers often pay attention not only to the number of employees and the size of the company, but also try to make a name for itself as an organisation that is valid, trustworthy and create an environment that is welcome to any newcomer.

There is an Institute that is actually responsible for distinguishing the companies that are excellent regarding the conditions they create for their employees. Every year The Top Employers Institute initiates this global research to determine which of the organisations deserve the Top Employer certificate and meets all the requirements for this worthy award. Yet, demands for this certificate are quite high and not just any company is suitable to even be considered and nominated.

Therefore, employers are scored in multiple areas and are selected very carefully. The chosen companies must be quite established and notorious, so it’s no surprise that many of the awarded employers are the ones who also have their offices in Johannesburg.

Though this research is global, In 2017, The Top Employers Institute certified 86 Top Employers in South Africa specifically.

The list of employers consists of a variety of companies who belong to many different job sectors. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at a couple of organisations that are active in the sectors Johannesburg is known for: financial services and mining sector.

Global financial services group Old Mutual SA is one of the largest financial services provider in South Africa. The company’s head office is here in Johannesburg and overall it employs more than 17 thousand people in South Africa alone. The company has a goal to be a reliable and helping partner not only to the customers, but also to offer the dynamic environment and and an opportunity to grow for its employees. Consequently, Old Mutual has been ranked as the Top Employer in Financial Services and Insurance in SA. No wonder the company has been recognised many times before and was certified as a Top Employer not just in South Africa, but in other 13 African countries as well. It is a successful company that offers various benefits to its employees: from life assurance, medical aid, maternity leave to the sports facilities and financial benefits.

”Johannesburg is known for: financial services and mining sector”.

Secondly, there is the mining sector. African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) is a leading South African mining and minerals company, which is know to be a lasting organisation that offers its employees a chance to grow and develop, is based in a well-know area of Johannesburg: Sandton, which is a financial hub of the city and is called the richest square mile in Africa. ARM seeks to provide employees with a healthy and safe workplace, clear and achievable career goals and other advantages in order to embrace their labor force. The company, which has over 14 thousand workers and is active in 5 countries, also received the certification as a Top Employer in South Africa and continues to deliver those great employee conditions, benefits and is focused not just on the experience of their workers, but also on their motivation and their willingness to learn and gain knowledge.

All things considered, Johannesburg has organisations to be truly proud of. Many significant companies here deserve to be called Top Employers, since it manage to truly cherish and develop the talents of their employees. Knowing that only the companies that demonstrate the highest standards and are the most beneficial and caring towards its workers are awarded with this certification, it is safe to say that Johannesburg, having many of those organisations established in the city, has reached a major achievement that is worth to be celebrated.

Friendly environment and limitless opportunities exist here in Johannesburg - if you are currently seeking a job in this city, make sure to find a job in the best company there is!

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