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What Johannesburg has to offer?

25 May 2017  

Johannesburg could be called the heart of South Africa for many things – it is a vibrant, modern city, which also happens to be the largest and wealthiest province in South Africa. Such features simply indicate that this city is welcome to both tourist and its residents, because it has a lot to offer to both of the parties.

Merely 7% of the population of Johannesburg are illiterate and over 4 million people populate the city, so the numbers speak for themselves - Johannesburg truly grew to become the economic and cultural centre of South Africa.

But how did the city evolve into such metropolis? Johannesburg being called “the City of Gold” might ring a bell. The city’s history takes you back to the year 1886 when the city was established, which also makes it one of the youngest global cities in the world. And the reason for that is quite simple - the discovery of gold in the same year is what caused this significant change in the history of the city. This discovery, firstly, resulted in the growth of population: it brought people from all around the city to the same place. Moreover, the discovery of gold changed South Africa in other ways: it could no longer be called just an agricultural society as it became one of the largest gold producers in the world. Before that it was a wretched poor place and then it suddenly became the richest gold mining area in the world.

"Merely 7% of the population of Johannesburg are illiterate and over 4 million people populate the city."

These days, of course, those achievements are a bit neglected and no longer relevant, but it remains to be the one of the points which impacted and shaped the present-day Johannesburg. Visitors of the city have a chance to experience the diversity it offers, to see the everyday life of a hustling city, to eat, relax, explore and stay in the range of beautiful places.

The people living here are also lucky to reside in such a place that is promising and takes care of its people, because it offers jobs in various sectors. Such a dynamic city encounters tourists who take over restaurants, hotels, bars and shopping malls. Out of approximately 4.4 million people in Johannesburg over 2.2 million of them are economically active. Therefore the city of Johannesburg provides people with hotel, restaurant and bar service job, offers positions in sales and retail environment.

At the moment, this rapidly growing city is full of opportunities, but it is sure to have a bright future as well. Johannesburg is an obvious leader in South Africa when talking about economy. Having large numbers of South African companies’ headquarters here, the city is sure to remain the financial centre of the country.

If you're looking to build your career, come to Johannesburg, find a job and start to work. You don't need experience, Johannesburg will open the door and show you the way. The only thing you have to do - you must work harder than the others and you must want to fly to the top.

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