No jobs for young people SA
Many teenagers don't graduate, some of those who do finish school can't find work

Young South Africans can't find work after graduation

07 April 2016  

High school enrollment in South Africa is very high - more than 90%, but many teenagers don't graduate, some of those who do finish school can't find work. United Nations says more than four million young South Africans were unemployed last year.

Having a university diploma or degree sometimes doesn't make finding a job easier. The South African Graduate Development Association says there are more than 600,000 unemployed graduates. Students about to finish their degrees are worried.

"The official unemployment rate in South Africa is at least 25%, the unofficial rate is thought to be much higher"

The government has created some jobs, but many are temporary and unsustainable. Rising unemployment level is a challenge facing most African countries, youth unemployment rates are double those of adults. The continent has the youngest population in the world, almost 200 million people are between 15 and 24 years old. The United Nation says that number will likely double and reach 400 million by 2045. Most African economies are growing fast enough to give most of them a chance of employment.

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