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Transformation & Inclusion Lead

Job title/position: Transformation & Inclusion Lead

Number of positions: 1

Function and Business Unit: Infrastructure Citizenship and Public Interest

Description Of The Role And Purpose Of The Job

The Transformation & Inclusion Lead ensures effective implementation of the Transformation strategy through facilitating Transformation initiatives across various structures/bodies and providing relevant insight and expertise.

Key Performance Area



Key Performance Indicators

Develop and Implement Transformation and Inclusion Strategy
  • Understand Firms business strategy as well as Functional business strategies
  • Together with the Executive Transformation, develop and implement Firm Transformation and Inclusion strategy in collaboration with business
  • Understand how the role aligns with the Transformation and Inclusion strategy and how execution of role enables strategy
  • Understand PPC strategy and how role aligns with strategy
  • Understand the broader firm structure and service offerings
  • Maintain a current and appropriate knowledge of KPMG strategy, business priorities and major trends, especially in areas that are relevant to Transformation and Inclusion
  • Translate Firm and HR strategy in relation to Transformation and Inclusion
  • Facilitate development of Transformation and Inclusion strategy by obtaining inputs from relevant stakeholders
  • Oversee the delivery of top priority Transformation and Inclusion projects/processes against specified strategies, objectives and measures.
  • Conduct Transformation and Inclusion benchmarks in line with professional services firm/ Industry
  • Provision of Transformation and Inclusion intelligence to enable business strategy
  • Communicate strategy to relevant stakeholders and obtain buyin
  • Signed off Transformation and Inclusion strategy in line with the KPMG strategy.
  • Delivery of quality,
accurate and timely Transformation and Inclusion strategic outputs
  • Successful and timely delivery of Transformation and Inclusion related projects.
  • B-BBEE Scorecard rating
Operational and Business Support
  • Oversee, provide guidance and manage end to end Transformation and Inclusion processes on a day to day basis for the firm
  • Deliver Transformation and Inclusion programmes and projects
  • Raise awareness across the firm re Transformation and Inclusion offerings and other available resources
  • Develop Transformation programmes and projects to enable the execution of the Transformation and Inclusion strategy
  • Manage the BEE verification process
  • Sell the Transformation and Inclusion case for change across the firm
  • Ensure firm is informed of the Transformation and Inclusion programmes and projects
  • Ensure efficient and timely delivery of Transformation and Inclusion processes
  • Provide expertise and serve as a point of contact on Transformation and Inclusion reacted matters
  • Lead the development of firm wide Transformation and Inclusion scorecard
  • Oversee the development of function/BU Transformation and Inclusion scorecards and engage business on outputs
  • Proactive monitoring and analysis of BU scorecards progress against targets
  • Apply innovation to seek areas of improvement in the Scorecard
  • Provide Transformation analytics/trends and advise on BU/firm appropriate interventions
  • Develop and maintain Transformation and Inclusion calendar (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually)
  • Keep abreast of Transformation best practice and gather market intelligence
  • Facilitating monitoring and reporting, including reporting to the firms Transformation and Inclusion governance structures
  • Function/ BU Feedback
  • Successful delivery of projects/programmes
  • Adherence to timelines and deliverables as per the calendar
  • GPS results (Transformation specific)
  • Actual results vs. Scorecard targets
Quality, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Serve as a custodian for KPMG Transformation and Inclusion Policies and Procedures
  • Drive a relentless focus on quality and excellent service
  • Adherence to relevant legislation and regulation i.e. Employment Equity Act, B-BBEE Act, PPPFA etc.
  • Ensure understanding of firms policies and procedures as relates to Transformation and Inclusion across all the elements of the scorecard
  • Ensure Transformation is embedded in firm policies and procedures
  • Influence compliance with relevant policies and procedures
  • Proactive escalation of non-compliance matters
  • Proactive identification of risk matters and escalating appropriately
  • Understand and adhere to relevant legislation requirements i.e. Employment Equity Act, B-BBEE Act, PPPFA, POPI etc.
  • Understand and apply Risk Management procedures in the execution of Transformation programmes and projects
  • Feedback from Risk
  • Low/ no incidents of non compliance
  • Timely completion of mandatory risk management training
  • Adherence to regulatory reporting requirements and deadlines
Internal and External Stakeholder Management
  • Build relationships and understand internal and external stakeholders
  • Deliver role requirements with a client centric approach
  • Apply excellent service to internal and external stakeholders in line with KPMG high performance culture
  • Building professional relationships and networks with critical internal (NTC, EECF, TOC) and external (ABASA, BMF, AWCA etc.) stakeholders
  • Engage with internal stakeholders to ensure integration and embedment of Transformation in all business processes
  • Keep abreast of and provide feedback re CA Charter and other relevant industry charter developments
  • Provide consistent, timely, transparent and concise Transformation communication
  • Drive engagement initiatives throughout the firm to position Transformation as the right thing to do
  • Regular engagements with internal and external stakeholders
  • Feedback
Financial Management
  • Develop Transformation and Inclusion budget management thereof
  • Set realistic budget for Transformation and Inclusion to achieve set goals
  • Negotiate fees, terms and conditions with external service providers
  • Conduct a cost benefit analysis of Transformation and Inclusion Projects
  • Identify cost saving opportunities in Transformation and Inclusion environment
  • Inform stakeholders re Return on Investment of Transformation and Inclusion Programmes
  • Proactively monitor budget and manage overspend
  • Feedback from SSC
  • Actual vs budget reports
Team Management
  • Create and enable an environment where staff thrive in a constantly changing business environment
  • Mentor, coach and guide junior HR team members
  • Drive career and keep abreast of Industry trends and share with team
  • Engage team on a regular basis
  • Recommend relevant formal learning interventions to develop team
  • Provide on the job support and coaching
  • Manage team performance and provide career counselling
  • Constantly and proactively keep abreast of industry and global KPMG trends
  • High performance culture
  • Overall GPS results for HR
  • Staff turnover
  • Improvements/Innovation introduced
  • Demonstrate high quality and timeous verbal and written communication in line with 7 star service
  • Provide regular Transformation updates to relevant stakeholders
  • Efficient communication top down and bottom up
  • Feedback
Internal and Public Trust
  • Building internal and external trust
  • Ensure data integrity and adherence to legislative requirements
  • Build trust with stakeholders by maintaining confidentiality
  • Provide open and transparent communication
  • Collaborate with relevant internal stakeholders to incorporate Transformation aspects into initiatives
  • Feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • GPS results on Transformation and inclusion
  • Public sentiment and recognition of KPMGs transformation and inclusion position e.g. BEE awards
  • Contribute to the KPMG culture of inclusion
  • Conceptualised and drive I&D efforts contributing to a culture change within the firm
  • Drive related initiatives and communication that promote inclusive behaviours and aligns with KPMG values
  • Engage with the culture team on efforts to be driven from an I&D perspective intended to contribute to and enable a conducive culture for the firm
  • Provide insights on leading practice Transformation and I&D initiatives
  • GPS scores
  • Barret Culture Surveys

Job requirements
  • Minimum Relevant Bachelors degree
  • Relevant BBBEE certifications
  • Experience in developing and implementing Transformation and Inclusion strategies, policies, procedures, practices and objectives in line with Business Strategies and relevant legislation
  • Experience in interpreting and implementing the BBBEE codes
  • Experience in developing Employment Equity Plans and driving the necessary reporting
  • Experience in solving for issues of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Experience in contributing to business development initiatives and providing the necessary guidance as relates to Transformation and Inclusion and BBBEE
  • Knowledge of BBBEE and Employment Equity regulatory environment, particularly the Revised Codes of Good Practice, the BEE Act, the Employment Equity Act, the Skills Development Act and other supporting legislation
  • Knowledge of market related trends and developments as relates to BBBEE and Transformation and Inclusion
  • Knowledge of change management processes
  • Knowledge of HR systems
Behavioural Competencies
  • Able to develop and implement Transformation and Inclusion strategies.
  • Team management
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Stakeholder engagement skills (internal and external)
  • Analytical/statistical skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Strong problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Team leadership
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