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Belinda Lekgeu

Belinda Lekgeu from Pretoria / Tshwane

23 years old, female
I have law certificate and I’m still studying part time,I think I will be suitable for the job because I’m hard worker and someone who really works well with people.
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Tshiawelo Thwalima

Tshiawelo Thwalima from Johannesburg

39 years old, male
Claims assessor
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Bophelo Manyaka

Bophelo Manyaka from Other Limpopo

19 years old, male
I want to have something like other people,am poor
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Zwivhuya Tshikororo

Zwivhuya Tshikororo from Johannesburg

Any kind of a job i can take... As long as i can be able to take care of my self and my family. I am a hard working person who knows how to work with other people, who respect other people and their idea. I am a fast learner and am eager to learn new things. I am good at decision making, i am a good listener and know how to read and write. I am honest and trustworthy.
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Mikhenso Confidence Mathebula

Mikhenso Confidence Mathebula from Pretoria / Tshwane

24 years old, female
Paralegal and administrative jobs because iam a law student waiting for my results to complete qualification(Diploma In Law). Iam a courageous person,respectful,accountable,trust worthy and a hard worker. Iam capable of working hard and i did that in my previous job as an EA(Education Assistant).I impressed my employers with my hard work to a point where they gave me credit.
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Londiwe Tshapa

Londiwe Tshapa from Pietermaritzburg

29 years old, female
I am looking for a job in Administration Clerk or Secretary. I am a hard worker, I work well in a team as well individually. I am a fast learner, I am always eager to learn new things.
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Zamabhungane Radebe

Zamabhungane Radebe from Germiston

22 years old, female
I'm looking for a legal job where there's law where i can proctect my country
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Tshiwela Terence Mulaudzi

Tshiwela Terence Mulaudzi from Polokwane / Pietersburg

23 years old, male
I am a long distance student studying at UNISA and I am looking for any job that will keep me busy stable, while I work on improving my skills and utilise them in your company, I am a very passionate and courageous person who can work under pressure and also creative. Working at your company will allow me to preparing for the future job that I'm studying for.
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Jade Vezasie

Jade Vezasie from Johannesburg

25 years old, female
Seeking a job where I may place my skills to good use. Where I will be able to learn and grow within.
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Nonceba Mayekiso

Nonceba Mayekiso from Johannesburg

36 years old, female
Newly Admitted Attorney Job, Legal secretary job, Junior legal advisor job, compliance officer job.
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Madireng Lethabo Sathekge

Madireng Lethabo Sathekge from Pretoria / Tshwane

23 years old, male
Any valid job that will be permanent And I am willing to put everything in whatever job I will be doing as long as I can sleep having something to eat
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Monica Nogaan

Monica Nogaan from Uitenhage

25 years old, female
Am a reliable and organised person, i work- hard always practice time management in whatever work i do. Am a fact learner am always keen to learning new things .I like taking initiative in working as a team
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Darius Janse Van Rensburg

Darius Janse Van Rensburg from Port Elizabeth

39 years old, male
Legal administration. / tax director / dispute resolution specialist. Legal counsel In my current position I have obtained extensive experience in all tax types and legal issues pertaining to SARS. I facilitated/mediated a vast number of administrative disputes (+1500) and represented SARS in many Tax Board hearings. I am also responsible to act as chairman and/or committee member in corporate governance committee meetings. As a previously practising admitted attorney, I am comfortable dealing with litigation matters. Experience included dealing with civil and criminal litigation including arguing more than 100 cases in Magistrate and Regional Courts. I bring a set of talents that I believe would be perfect for the position. My biggest attribute is my personality and professionalism when interacting with my fellow colleagues and the public. I am always ready to learn more and
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Nosandi Mhlophe

Nosandi Mhlophe from Pietermaritzburg

24 years old, male
I'm looking for jobs related more to law since I am a law student but currently have higher certificate in Law. I would also appreciate any job that may be given to me including retail jobs etc. I am good with children or babies that's why being a nanny could be advantageous too. So any job I get I would highly appreciate it thank you.
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Simphiwe Ntuli

Simphiwe Ntuli from Pretoria / Tshwane

30 years old, male
I'm looking for paralegal job since I got a learning experience with regard it. I can work under pressure, and i always show dedication and determination to every tasks or duties I'm assigned for.
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Rorisang Ntlaba

Rorisang Ntlaba from Johannesburg

20 years old, female
I one enthusiastic criminology student, who is eager to enhance my knowledge and information, in my respective career field.
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Malebogo Motsusi

Malebogo Motsusi from Johannesburg

28 years old, female
I hold an LLB degree from North-West University law school and have over three years of experience as an advocate. The Pretoria Society of Advocates administered my pupillage training during 2020. I became a member Pretoria Society of Advocates, after I completed the practical vocational training program, passed General Council of the Bar South Africa board exams, and obtained my title on 25 February 2021. During this time, I gained extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, and settling legal documents, as well as conducting negotiations and legal research. I also have experience advising clients on compliance with laws and regulations and managing litigation.
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Roxanne Carter

Roxanne Carter from Cape Town

42 years old, male
Any administration,paralegal,receptionist vacancies.
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Paulina Khomotso Phalama

Paulina Khomotso Phalama from Pretoria / Tshwane

Office relayed position as I have studied Human resources managemen. But I am up for expanding meaning can do other tasks that are not related .I am very good with computer and engaging with people.
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Tshepiso Phala

Tshepiso Phala from Johannesburg

26 years old, female
I am looking for a paralegal job or administration job since I have a national diploma in Legal Assistance I am a multi-skilled ambitious and hard working person who is result oriented. I am not afraid to to venture into things I have not done before, I believe that everything requires a dynamic and versatile individual who is eager to explore new things, I am always will to learner and improve my knowledge, skills and competence with intention of accomplishing short and long term goals
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