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Thato Gilbert Masote

Thato Gilbert Masote from Pretoria / Tshwane

30 years old, male
I am looking for any available jobs on occupations provided above I am a very hard working person,a team player and also able to work under pressure,my skills are that I am very adaptive to environments and people and I am very good at communicating,I know several different national languages and I am also a graduate My abilities are that I am very punctual,tolerable person and I am very good with people and I have a diploma in Legal Assistance
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Zanela Comfort Monnye

Zanela Comfort Monnye from Polokwane / Pietersburg

I am fast learner, highly motivated and able to work under pressure. I am young energetic and enthusiastic individual who thrives in fast paced environment. I am result-driven leader and have excellent teamwork ethic. I have developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with . So far, I have completed my higher certificate in criminal justice at the University of South Africa.
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Sivwe Gxobole

Sivwe Gxobole from Johannesburg

29 years old, male
I'm look for a job like ,,legal counsel, legal advisor, labour inspector , Legal administrator, in house attorney, OR litigation attorney, debt collection, Prosecutor, State attorney .
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Lerato Gomba

Lerato Gomba from Pretoria / Tshwane

24 years old, female
I am looking for a challenging job with a rapidly growing organization that can provide me with a range of goals and job objectives. To enhance my skills, capabilities and knowledge in an organization which recognizes the value of hardwork and trusts me with responsibilities and challenges.
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Ngoako Tshepo Leapheka

Ngoako Tshepo Leapheka from Dendron

36 years old, male
General work Legal internship and Learnership Administrative work
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Mihlali Xesha

Mihlali Xesha from Cape Town

22 years old, male
Looking for a legal job that has to do with saftey of the society since I already have a "Peace Officer" certificate. Looking forward to work with people, and to serve the community by any means necessary. I'm punctual, self motivated and I'm eager to work under pressure. I've been in Chrysalis Academy so I've learnt a lot about confidentiality, how to work with people, not to discriminate people of the other races I've learnt a lot in Chrysalis, I was placed in South African Police Services in Kraaifontein as an intern since the 1st of August 2022 up until now I'm still working in SAPS doing what I do best. There's a lot I can say about my self but I prefer to show use what I'm good at than explaining in words but you can never regret employing me.
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Jessica Mahlangu

Jessica Mahlangu from Gauteng

26 years old, female
I am looking for administrative jobs and entry-level jobs. I am computer literate.i have good communication skills, able to demonstrate effective time management. Good interpersonal relations, attention to detail and good organizing skills. Also very neat.
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Siyolise Mthimde

Siyolise Mthimde from Umtata / Mthatha

19 years old, male
Waitress ,HR specialist ,filing clerk and lawyer . I like to help people a lot ifind it easy to community with others and I prefer peace than arguments . It would be a great and biggest thing that ever happen to me if I could one of these jobs THANK YOU
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Aphelele Wendy Ngxoza

Aphelele Wendy Ngxoza from Cape Town

27 years old, female
I am currently looking for any job in the legal field that will help me in getting experience in the legal field. Studying law came by no accident, it has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember. This course was treated as a jumping-off point, my passion for it lit the way for a bigger interest into the practical and research part of it. I dug in deeper by: Researching on the various legal career opportunities; Working hard towards my LLB Degree; Getting some work experience; Being in leadership positions; Finding fields of law that interest me; and Gaining some skills and competencies. I am skilled in legal writing; research; SAP; public speaking; work ethics; professionalism; interpersonal skills; critical thinking; communication; working and dealing with different individuals; and problem solving. I work very well in a team, I have leadership skills, and I have an eye for detail, work well under pressure and open to learning more. I expect to grow my skill set to improve your quality, cost, and lead times, much as I have been doing during the course of my experience.
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Alet Gericke

Alet Gericke from Cape Winelands

35 years old, female
I am an admitted attorney with 7 years of litigation experience and I was admitted as a notary on 7 October 2022.
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Solofelang Trinity Modise

Solofelang Trinity Modise from Pretoria / Tshwane

29 years old, male
I am looking for a paralegal's job due to the fact that i hold a National Diploma in Legal Assistance from Tshwane University of Technology and also did a programme in public procurement and supply management at UNISA, which I believe that with these qualifications I can do administration, bookkeeping, Clerk as well as any general work.
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Asemahle Sawula

Asemahle Sawula from Johannesburg

23 years old, female
I am looking for a Candidate Attorney position. I recently graduated from the University of Johannesburg and I have 3 months practical experience in a law firm situated in roodepoort.
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Cayline Smith

Cayline Smith from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, female
I am enthusiastic about my field of study and think that it has helped shape me into a well-rounded individual. I've always wanted to work in the field of forensics, which makes me quite inquisitive. I remarked that my route to my dream had not been easy. It took some time for me to understand that I was good enough to be accepted into the program and become a future Forensic Scientist. Today, I know I'm precisely where I'm supposed to be. That is what truly makes me the ideal candidate for the position. My passion and excitement, as well as my love and interest for wanting to be a part of the industry, are what I feel will propel me to success. Over the years, I've also developed my confidence and leadership abilities, and I honestly feel that these are some of the traits you should bring with you when you enter the workforce. Being an academic has increased my problem-solving abilities, and it has taught me to pick and learn to enjoy the world's difficulties while conquering them. I am the best candidate for the position, not only because of my skills and qualifications, but also because I believe I will be a valuable contributor to your organization.
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Howard Sacks

Howard Sacks from Johannesburg

53 years old, male
To whom it may concern Motivational letter for Howard Sacks Highly educated, professional and strategic individual seeking an articled clerkship in a renowned and reputable law firm. Experienced in the administrative and clerical processes involved in the legal environment, drafting letters and contracts, logging case information into computer databases and up to date on current Government legislations and legal codes. Leverages operational, organisational, and educational knowledge to drive innovative business growth and provide solid results. The applicant can communicate effectively with all people from various backgrounds and nationalities. He is quite confident within himself, and this reflects in his achievements and growth as a person in life He has strong debating skills and is persuasive when presenting facts. The applicant is extremely self-disciplined intelligent, honest, open, authentic, and down to earth person He is empowering – see`s things more clearly and in perspective Has empathy, intuition, humour, emotional intelligence, integrity, dedicated, hardworking and focused. Has strength of character, sociable, grounded, and responsible. The applicant therefore is compatible with your firms `s core competencies and will add value to the company’s human capital and resources Completed PLT and 2 Board exams (last 2 in October`21) Referee 1: Raoul Fishman – criminal defence lawyer Contact: +44 7963101089 (international) E – mail Referee 2: Kayleigh Farlam- admitted attorney Contact: 082 823 7452 E -mail:
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Soretha De Bruin

Soretha De Bruin from Pretoria / Tshwane

46 years old, female
I am looking for a manager's position in a fraud investigations environment. I am an excellent report writer, have an enquiring mind. I am an out-of-the box thinker and am a skilled interrogator. My background and experience is distinctive from other candidates. I currently conduct complex forensic investigations for the Financial Conduct Authroity, the financial markets regulator of South Africa. I am a senior forensic investigator for the past 5 years. I am also an admitted attorney with 11 years experience as civil attorney. I was also previously appointed as a state prosescutor.
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Bongisiwe Gazi

Bongisiwe Gazi from Cape Town

27 years old, female
Any job available. No specific job because I know I'm flexible quick to learn and I'm fluent in English willing to go the extra mile and grow the establishment.
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Takalani Mudzielwana

Takalani Mudzielwana from Johannesburg

25 years old, female
I am a happy soul who possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and i am able to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. My attention to detail and ability to multitask makes me highly efficient and productive. Additionally, I an adaptable and quick to learn new skills, which is what makes me an asset to any workplace.
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Gastaff Ntsako Hlungwane

Gastaff Ntsako Hlungwane from Louis Trichardt

I, Gastaff Ntsako Hlungwane I'm currently looking for a paralegal job or anything law related as I have just finished my HC in Law and currently doing LLB. I am a hard worker and like to learn from others . Hiring me will be beneficial to ur establishment as I am able to work well under pressure and always willing to give my all.
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Nathan Engelbrecht

Nathan Engelbrecht from East Rand

25 years old, male
A career in the legal field. I am a passionate person, excellent with technology and a fast learner. If I do not understand a concept, I take it upon myself to learn and fully understand the previously unknown concept. I am a dedicated, determined and an independent person who strives to timely complete any given task. I, for one, take pride in my personal trait of being accountable.
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Khomotso Magnificent Maganedisa

Khomotso Magnificent Maganedisa from Pretoria / Tshwane

28 years old, female
Law or any job in legal field. Retail job is also fine. I am a hard worker, I can work under a lot of pressure, I understand easily and I am eager to learn. I pay attention to task that I am given.
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