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Site Supervisor - Samancor Millsell

Job Purpose

Supervise technicians in a specific area of specialized work to ensure conformance with established guidelines, methods, procedures and policies are followed. Providing comprehensive technical services for the efficient and safe operation of electronic technology for health, safety and productivity in the mining sector.

Minimum Requirements
  • N6 in electronics/ trade test
  • 6 years experience as a Technician
  • 6-8 years experience in electronics (hardware and software) and IT (hardware, networks and software)
  • 2 years experience in a leadership role
  • Supervisory skills
  • Knowledge of company product
  • Supervisory skills - Knowledge of company product
  • Good computer skills (Microsoft package)
  • Knowledge of the Labour Relations Act
  • Knowledge of training and supervisory techniques
  • Knowledge of company policy and procedures
  • Valid driver's license
  • Own Vehicle
Schauenburg Systems is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities. We strongly encourage EE candidates and individuals with disabilities to submit their applications.


  • Installation, repairing, certification and technical support of electronic products and systems to the highest technical and safety standards on the specified mine/s.
  • Set up and tests units to meet specified requirements.
  • Quality checks all work as per company quality policy.
  • Troubleshoot problems to determine root cause of issue and recommend a corrective action.
  • Ordering and maintaining of stock
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the electronic equipment and software, according to company standards and if necessary send to head office for repairs and follow through until product has returned to site.
  • Reporting and recording further maintenance requirements.
  • Cost Control
  • Controlling of technical employees rosters and follow up all are on site and if absent arrange replacements/standby
  • New Projects.
  • Operates hand tools and small power tools and understand their use and function.
  • Housekeeping
  • Any other reasonable duties given to you by your direct supervisor / Manager.
  • Liaise with other technical employees, and customers on the site to support in ensuring quality and safety of work and that contractual obligations are met.
  • Keep supervisor updated of all unresolved and/or potential problems that would negatively affect the customer or our company.
  • Feedback on a regular basis to Technical coordinator and Supervisor and Client
  • Provides support to the coordinator on assignments, and works in other departments and/or miscellaneous assignments as instructed.
  • Developing of customer relations
  • Completion of required documentation, reports and paperwork for the mine, customers and Technical coordinator / Supervisor.
Health and Safety
  • Adhere to all customer safety regulations at all times.
  • Adhere to specific risk assessment before commencing daily tasks.
  • Ensure medical and inductions are valid.
  • Supervising the work process of assistant, junior and technicians.
  • Training and updating all technicians on site/s.
Personal attributes

  • Flexibility: Being open to change as an opportunity and adjusting to new situations
  • Challenging Goals: Demonstrates high expectations by setting challenging goals for him or herself and others
  • Initiative: Takes initiative and goes above and beyond typical expectations
  • Follow through: Follows through on commitments and promises with an appropriate sense of urgency
  • Resilience: Demonstrates perseverance through significant challenges to reach goals
Continuous Learning
  • Learning: Takes responsibility for behaviour, mistakes, and results, learns from successes and failures, and teaches others to do the same
  • Improvement: Continuously and humbly seeks opportunities for personal and organizational improvement
  • Innovation: Values and encourages creative and innovative ideas
  • Sharing: Contributes to a culture of sharing effective practices within the organization and across the organization network
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Gathering Information: Gathers information form multiple relevant sources and stakeholders when problem-solving
Planning and Execution
  • Prioritizing: Manages time and resources effectively, Periodizing efforts according to organizational goals
  • Accountability: Regularly compares actual progress to planned milestones and adjusts plans accordingly, holding him or herself and others accountable for achieving intended outcome
  • Routine: Makes and implements routine decisions in a timely manner
  • Communicating: Timely conveys decisions to relevant stakeholders and takes follow-up actions to support decisions
Stakeholders Management
  • Networking: Seeks opportunities to work with a wide range of individuals and organizations to achieve common goals and better outcomes
  • Developing relationships: Develops mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships based upon trust, respect, and achievement of common goals
  • Trust: Gains the trust of key stakeholders by active listening and seeking to understand their views and needs
  • Respect and Appreciation: Consistently demonstrates respect and appreciation for others by empathizing, valuing their time and contributions being available and responsive to their needs
  • Listening: Listens attentively. Seeks to understand other's point of view and confirms understanding
  • Writing: Writes clearly, Concisely and persuasively. Uses correct grammar vocabulary and a tone that is appropriate to the message and audience
  • Speaking: Speaks in a compelling and articulate manner, adapting communication content and style to different audiences and venues
Impact and Influence
  • Adapting Style: Adapts personal leadership style/approach to influence others
  • Motivation Action: Stimulates others to take action and accomplish goals, even when no direct reporting relationship exists
  • Insight: Understands his/her own strengths and weaknesses
  • Balancing strengths and weaknesses: Balances personal Strengths and Weaknesses with the strengths and weaknesses of others
  • Seeking growth: Seeks constructive feedback and other opportunities for self-development
Cultural Competence
  • Inclusiveness: Creates an inclusive environment that respects the culture of the employees
  • Working Cross-culturally: Communicates and works effectively with those from diverse background
Direction- settings
  • Inspiring others: Inspires and gains the commitment of others towards the vision, mission, values and organizational goals
  • Modelling: Models organizational values and strong character at all times
Team Leadership
  • Delegation: Delegates tasks to appropriate individuals or groups
  • Collaboration: Promotes collaboration among team members. Encourages others to cooperate and coordinate efforts
  • Encouraging Initiative: Encourages others to proactively solve problems and take initiative
  • Conflict: Models and encourages others to manage conflict openly and productively
  • Meetings: Leads team meetings
  • Celebrating team: Prioritizes team morale and productivity, celebrating team
Performance Management
  • Setting Goals: Filters down goals with employees that align with organization vision, mission, values, and goals
  • Feedback: Consistently coaches others towards goals, recognizes accomplishments, and provides timely, relevant, and constructive feedback
  • Accountability: Holds employees and teams accountable for achieving their goals and for modelling organizational values and strong character
  • Evaluation: Evaluates performance regularly, identifying leading needs
Talent Development
  • Recruitment and Selection: Selects highly effective employees
On-the-job Developments
  • Places individuals in roles and assignments that contribute to their personal and career development
All applicants who meet the minimum requirements and wish to apply should do so on or before 18th of June at 12:00

Please note our shortlisting period is one-two weeks If you don't hear anything from us, consider your application unsuccessful
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