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Donavan Appie

Donavan Appie from Barkly West

31 years old, male
Driving/ always positive love do something that i can improve myself in or even that specific task.Im a quick learner very energetic to and i always strive to do beter than my best.
1 months ago
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Francis Benedict Brandt

Francis Benedict Brandt from Barkly West

34 years old, male
Self driveng person,with driving experience and hard working person
1 months ago
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Masego Mathe

Masego Mathe from Barkly West

19 years old, female
Cleaning or maybe working on an office . Any job is okay for me
1 months ago
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Gershwin Morris

Gershwin Morris from Barkly West

30 years old, male
Porter or cleaner i am hardworking and can work without supervision i love comunicating with others
4 months ago
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Macious Maletlhogonolo Khechane

Macious Maletlhogonolo Khechane from Barkly West

19 years old, female
I'm looking for anyother job for i got the ability to do anything...i am a hard working person who is good at talking to people and very respectful i'm a good listener and pay attention to the task given...
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Gloria Thipe

Gloria Thipe from Barkly West

36 years old, female
Im looking for Bank Teller customer services, front line / desk service , im customer orientated, i work well in groups as well as individually without constant supervision, im a fast learner and a hard worker, i hv good telephonic skills, i always strive to do my best to archief the best results successfully at the end of any journey.
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Brunheide Lauren Beukes

Brunheide Lauren Beukes from Barkly West

Am looking for Registered Nursing jobs. I am a very charasmatic and loving person, with a passion for patient care. Am career driven and goal orientated. Firmly believe i should be employed because i can make a difference in the life of others, able to promote good patient care and communication. It has always been my desire to do bedside nursing, as im passionate about what i do. If i can save lives and promote good health, why not hire me!
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Osekeng Cloete Tsiolo

Osekeng Cloete Tsiolo from Barkly West

35 years old, male
Iam looking for driver job.I'm hardworking person obeying rules and doing my job good and I can do more extra hours.
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Mariette Bezuidenhout

Mariette Bezuidenhout from Barkly West

45 years old, female
I'm very spontaneous, hardworking, loyal, trustworthy. I am a deadline worker and like to set goals for myself. Can work under pressure and always looking for solutions, not problems. I also got plenty skills to work myself up. Thanks for reading this.
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Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla

Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla from Pretoria / Tshwane

43 years old, male
I,m very energetic, and a fast learner,i need a job that will allow me,To work enough, so i can earn enough,4 my family, s wellbeing, a job that will allow me to travel/work enough hours,so i can earn a reasonable income,of which now i can't, I have now 16years in truck driving industry, and accident free,defensive driver i am.
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