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Dimakatso Nkale

Dimakatso Nkale from Pretoria / Tshwane

27 years old, female
Accounting Skills Pastel partner works well under pressure Attention to detail excel word powerpoint
2 weeks ago
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Dumsile Sibanyoni

Dumsile Sibanyoni from Delmas

36 years old, female
I'm honest.punctual and reliable person. Willingness to grow within the company and bring in new ideas to the firm.
2 weeks ago
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Thembani Simelane

Thembani Simelane from Bethal

32 years old, female
I am looking samtrac job I have introduction in samtrac and I'm busy doing basic samtrac at nosa secunda .
3 weeks ago
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Micheal Sukazi

Micheal Sukazi from Bethal

32 years old, male
Read hiring department I'm kindly looking for a job and I promise not to waste your time I'm very productive candidate which looking toward the open general duties I'm I will be grateful to get a call from your side please look to my attachment
3 weeks ago
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Siyanda Mthembu

Siyanda Mthembu from Secunda

21 years old, male
Receptionist or admin
3 weeks ago
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Phindile Shabalala

Phindile Shabalala from Johannesburg

26 years old, female
I am loooking for a Recruitment Consultant/ Admin/Data Capturing jobs I have great communication skills both written and verbal as I get along very accommodating and adapt very quickly to any environment with my versatile personality. I am target driven and go the extra mile to give satisfactory work. I believe that I am a very fast leaner as I listen attentively and make sure that I follow each and every instruction given and I pay close attention to detai.l
2 months ago
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Stanford Joshua Mashele

Stanford Joshua Mashele from Witbank

42 years old, male
Rigger working on plants,opencast,shafts and construction projects utilising lifting tackles and mobile machineries and have SAMTRAC Certificate from NOSA to compliment my expertise,can work with minimal supervision and a team player.
4 months ago
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Johannes Musa Gasane

Johannes Musa Gasane from Other Mpumalanga

39 years old, male
Code 10 driver I have 6 years experience for driver code 10+ pdp and Adt operator
5 months ago
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Motlalepula Kgwaele

Motlalepula Kgwaele from Vryburg

23 years old, female
I am looking for office administration work because I have experienced it before I am hard workers and fast learner Ability to work under pressure Effective team work Good interpersonal and communication
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Sizwe Gift Thwala

Sizwe Gift Thwala from Bethal

20 years old, male
Any job that is suitable for me
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Nkosinathi Maseko

Nkosinathi Maseko from Bethal

29 years old, male
I am looking for any kind of job
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Nkosinathi Langa

Nkosinathi Langa from Bethal

21 years old, male
Any job a job where I'll be able to learn and fit in well without having to settle for quitting
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Dimpho Sekwati

Dimpho Sekwati from Lebowakgomo

22 years old, female
I am a 21 year old lady who seeks an opportunity in the financial management field, to utilize the skills gained at college level to be part of a productive team and archive further professional development. I hold an N6 certificate in financial management obtained from Sekhukhune Tvet College. I am enthusiastic and hardworking individual who enjoy being part of a group or leading a successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas, concepts and also have the ability to work well on own initiative while demonstrating the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. I have good communication skills, excellent fluency in written as well as spoken English with a vast knowledge of general computer skills. Under significant pressure I possess a strong ability to perform effectively. From my previous work experiences I have been consistently praised as a very reliable and hardworking individual by my peers and seniors.
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Themkosi Nkambule

Themkosi Nkambule from Bethal

26 years old, male
Rigging assistance or general work
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Sphamandla Mokoena

Sphamandla Mokoena from Mpumalanga

22 years old, male
Drivers job .truck and water bowser
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Nkosinathi Khumalo

Nkosinathi Khumalo from Durban City

24 years old, male
Driving job, i wish to act as a driver because i have code 10 prdp
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Portia Semphiwe

Portia Semphiwe from Bethal

40 years old, male
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Solomon Zakhele Msibi

Solomon Zakhele Msibi from Bethal

Im looking for a code 10 driver i have 5 years driving record is still in good condition.
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Nozipho Princess Sokhulu

Nozipho Princess Sokhulu from Midlands

34 years old, female
-I am looking for Administrative job as I have gained more knowledge on that section since I started acting as Personal Assistant to the Director who is heading 3 Districts with 29 offices that are under her supervision. -I am good in coordination, analyzing of reports -I am computer literate - I have gained a skill of resolving and managing conflict - I have gained analytical thinking -I have gained interpersonal skill -I have good communication skill -I have learnt strategizing skill -I am dedicated, trustworthy, and a hard working person -I have gained quality decision making skill -Service delivery innovation -Client oriantation and Customer care -I am patriotic -I am proactive -I am friendly and open -I have good business report writing skills -I have planning and organizing skills -
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Tompanar Annastacia Radebe

Tompanar Annastacia Radebe from Bethlehem

46 years old, female
I am looking for a security job.I am a hard working person and i can work under pressure.I can work in a team I can multi task.I am very patinate person and i am good in communication I can work with cctv.
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