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Nothando Ngwenya

Nothando Ngwenya from Ermelo

21 years old, female
Any kind of job Am good at communicating with people am good at what i do am a fast learner i hope my request will be approved thank you
2 months ago
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Portia Semphiwe

Portia Semphiwe from Bethal

40 years old, male
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Tammy Chay Hinckley

Tammy Chay Hinckley from Ermelo

24 years old, female
I thoroughly enjoy working with people, I am meticulous, attentive to detail, honest and hardworking. I am people orientated and love helping people. My vision for the future is to work with children who have had a difficult life, abused or abandoned, to overcome the problems that face them and help them overcome their fears and challenges and help them better themselves and their situation. I have university exemption and I am currently studying Psychology, and then also specialise in child psychology thereby I can work with people of all ages and races. I ideally would like to work for the government as this will open the door for me to work with people of all walks of life and help them and also open the door for me to grow in the institution and in the future possibly work in the welfare department where I can assist all people.
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Slindokuhle Queen Ngwenya

Slindokuhle Queen Ngwenya from Breyten

20 years old, male
I am looking for a Job of being a waitress because I am very good on taking care of the customers and I am very fast on responding to the customers order
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William Zimu

William Zimu from Breyten

47 years old, male
Iam a displine person who don't, drink and drive or smoking.Iam god fearing person who use to go to church almost available time on sunday.I'm the man who is earger to learn what is required,fast learner.I want to be employ by u,bcouse I want to contribute toward the company,s success.and me too I have a family to look after,I'm a bread winner at home.lam looking forward in due coursework.
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Sonto Precious Madonsela

Sonto Precious Madonsela from Breyten

24 years old, female
Cleaning or general worker
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Sonto Precious Madonsela

Sonto Precious Madonsela from Breyten

24 years old, female
Packer or cleaner
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Delly Nkosi

Delly Nkosi from Breyten

28 years old, female
I'm delly nkosi I'm 4rm mpumalanga I'm looking 4 a job ad I am a hard work ad I'm a fast learner I am prepaid 2 work hard any vaccines dat is available will be fine
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