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Bulelwa Magengelele

Bulelwa Magengelele from Bethlehem

34 years old, male
Hello,the job am looking for is contraction , contraction I know it very much and I like to use my hands and my maid so that I can learn more about other things , So as female we can change be like male do some job .in five years to come contraction can have more female who know to build I know they are female who know to build but we want more
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Teboho Petrus Kheswa

Teboho Petrus Kheswa from Brandfort

22 years old, male
I Teboho Kheswa comleted my grade 12 last year *2019 with a Diploms digree..This year February i went to bolton college for a short course and i obtain a Counter Balance *Forklift Certifcate along with it's Licence. I am looking forward at being hired .I am a Good listener I follow instructiction as they are important I show respect as shown and i comply with ruled stipulated in the workplace.
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Bokang Auctovius Khalane

Bokang Auctovius Khalane from Bloemfontein

I'm looking for any general job or CCTV OPERATOR job. I'm a dedicated sober habits person who's been always striving to succeed in everything that I do. And I would like to be part of your company.
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