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Simangele Radebe

Simangele Radebe from Deneysville

22 years old, female
I am friendly open minded and confident person who loves working and communicating with other people.I am able to work in dynamic enviroments as an indvidual or as a team worker.why should they hire me i prefer approach matters with a positive becouse i have learned that nothing is impossible unless you think of it as being impossible.I Would be very interested in gradually working my way upwords in a stable company where I can utilize my knowledge,skills and general interest to its full potential.
1 months ago
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Teboho Raymond

Teboho Raymond from Deneysville

29 years old, male
I am a well behaved and respectful person who gets along with others or tries hard to make those around me feel free in my presence. I am a dedicated hard worker with a goal to become a valuable assert of any company. I believe patience and focus can lead to greatness and i posses both. i intent to make a name for myself and reach new heights.
1 months ago
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Retshidisitsoe Alfred Motaung

Retshidisitsoe Alfred Motaung from Deneysville

30 years old, male
My name is Retshidisitsoe Alfred Motaung i am 30 years of age, I have been working in the construction industry as a general worker, welding assistant and mechanical operator for alsmost 3 years. I am a very diligent worker who puts high attention to every detail. I also follow instructions carefully and always ensures to create a positive on the company and it's goal. I am goal-focused and i like to be sure that everything is just right, i am effecient and highly organised and that ensures that i am as produtive as possible on everything that i do.
5 months ago
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Lebohang Alina Moloi

Lebohang Alina Moloi from Deneysville

30 years old, female
Security officer grade EDC pls help me to find this work I will work we never you want me to work an work nicely without complain I will make sure pls
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Thabiso Tseke

Thabiso Tseke from Deneysville

34 years old, male
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Minenhle Nzimande

Minenhle Nzimande from Deneysville

22 years old, male
I"m a hardworker and also to commited to my work
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Refuwe Dinale

Refuwe Dinale from Botshabelo

28 years old, male
I am looking for a job that can help me support my self and my family, nothing specific but preferrably a driving job. i am a very dedicated and ambitious person, fast learner, humble and respectful, open to new ideas and opportunities, team player, hard worker.
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Sipho Isak Hadebe

Sipho Isak Hadebe from Deneysville

35 years old, male
Truck driving jobs. I have been for the past 14 years driving so i know my way around south africa. Code 10 from 2007 to 2015 and then code 14 from 2016 still.
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Teboho George Maduna

Teboho George Maduna from Deneysville

32 years old, male
I am a very fast learner so any job will do I am eager to learn and develop new skills, I am fluent in English and Afrikaans. I have experience I wire manufacturing and machine operations a am an excellent employee my current employer won't mind being my reference on that. I am a hard work and I don't mind working overtime. I am available to start anytime.
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Palesa Karabelo Mphuti

Palesa Karabelo Mphuti from Deneysville

18 years old, female
Waitres job ,I have knowledge and to professionally fulfill my position,
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Mosebi Raymond Ramontseng

Mosebi Raymond Ramontseng from Sedibeng

30 years old, male
I’m looking for any job that is available I’m a hard worker
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Lekgotla Mbele

Lekgotla Mbele from Deneysville

37 years old, male
I'm an experienced person who's dedicated and hardworking person. I've been working as miner for 4 to 5 years in the company which I served for 14 years.
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Stephen Matebesi Mokhomong

Stephen Matebesi Mokhomong from Deneysville

23 years old, male
Any kind of jobs
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I Want To Join Secret Occult For Money Ritual To B How Can I Belong To Secret Society Occult For Mone

I Want To Join Secret Occult For Money Ritual To B How Can I Belong To Secret Society Occult For Mone from Deneysville

7 years old, male
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Kojana   Evodia Beletane

Kojana Evodia Beletane from Deneysville

36 years old, female
I have a grade 12 I have experienced of general work
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Wilhemina Seapei Matse

Wilhemina Seapei Matse from Deneysville

50 years old, female
I am a hard worker, I respect my job, can work under pressure, I am trust worthy, Above all the job I have been doing what I like the most is working with children, I love playing with them because they learn through play, at the same time be in a safe and healthy place, I know they will develop holistically.
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Evodia Kojana Beletane

Evodia Kojana Beletane from Deneysville

36 years old, female
General work
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Teboho Mapuru

Teboho Mapuru from Johannesburg

32 years old, male
I'm currently looking for any job as I have kids to take of however the job that is in my hart is driving. I'm can do any general work that my employer would need me to do and I'm willing to learn. I can be part of a group with the my colleagues.
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Tsholo Selepe

Tsholo Selepe from Sedibeng

43 years old, male
Driving jobs and any labour jobs. General work. I am reliable person. Hardworking person. I can work overtime. I can work alone without being supervised. I have my own transport. I don't have any problem of relocation. I am self motivated person. I am punctual. I have forklift licence F3. I also have obtained PDP.
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Tshidiso Jacky Majola

Tshidiso Jacky Majola from Deneysville

25 years old, male
Forklift driver
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