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Artwell Nyirenda

Artwell Nyirenda

29 years old, male
I am a man aged 25 , hardworking and able to work under pressure and meeting organisational deadlines. I completed my First degree in Rural and Urban Planning at the Unverity of zimbabwe currently working as a temporary teaching assistant at University of Zimbabwe. I have worked for other organisations such as Dialogue on Shelter and Municipal Deveplopment Partnership for Eastern ad Southern Africa. I have gained much experience in real estate management and town planning. i have mch passion for GIS, urban design and spatial planning issues affecting the society. I have good computer skills including microsoft office package, Autocad and ArcMap and Arc Catalogue.with all the experience I believe I am a suitable candidate.
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Ayinaorga Moses Mernyi

Ayinaorga Moses Mernyi from Fraserburg

30 years old, male
I am most interested with thi s job.Thank you Sir/Ma.
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Ibrahim Lumbe

Ibrahim Lumbe from Johannesburg

29 years old, male
To do a job(midwife and general nursing)
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