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Nelisa Maliwa

Nelisa Maliwa from Johannesburg

23 years old, female
I am young enthusiastic individual with a clear vision,with good communication skills, friendly manner. I live each day trying to inspire myself the people around me . I am honestly and hardworking interact with people from different backgrounds
16 minutes ago
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Ntshuxeko Isaac Masingi

Ntshuxeko Isaac Masingi from Gauteng

29 years old, male
General work. I learn fast and i work hard
26 minutes ago
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Lekoloka Nkitsing Hlahu

Lekoloka Nkitsing Hlahu from Pretoria / Tshwane

I am a very optomestic person that would be happy to work in any environment to assist and help people regarding their needs. I would also like to get opportunity to improve my skills by adding value to any company if granted opportunity.
44 minutes ago
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Feniya Lotes

Feniya Lotes from Johannesburg

27 years old, female
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1 hours ago
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Fisokuhle Gracious Thabethe

Fisokuhle Gracious Thabethe from Gauteng

21 years old, female
I wish to apply for the Mechanical engineering Learnership Opportunity available in your company Mine. I have knowledge, qualifications and skills to professionally fulfill the position as required by the company. Enlisting a few of my core-responsibilities and skills: - Problem solving - Team building - communication skills - To work under pressure - Creativity and commercial awareness I am eager to enhance and refine my personal development skills and my qualifications within the company and take on the challenges that lie ahead.Thank you for taking out your time and consideration and Thank.
2 hours ago
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Bafana Sibaya

Bafana Sibaya from Johannesburg

23 years old, male
I am a Store Manager by profession. • I am a leader and motivator to my Team, I like doing tasks with Team on the floor. • I am very professional on my job, I like achieving the impossible. I push my Team and myself to always strive for the best. • My admin skills are very good, banking, inventory and people management.
4 hours ago
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Jonas Thabang Mallane

Jonas Thabang Mallane from Pretoria / Tshwane

24 years old, male
The job that I what is the one where I can have fun and be trusted because I'm honest to everyone. I have a good communication skills and I'm self-driven, hard worker and I can solve problems fast
11 hours ago
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Nkululeko Sakata

Nkululeko Sakata from Pretoria / Tshwane

22 years old, male
15 hours ago
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Loveness Simelane

Loveness Simelane from Pretoria / Tshwane

18 years old, female
I am looking for any kind of job..I love taking care of people and respect them a a hard worker too
15 hours ago
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Manoko Tshephang Mokgohloa

Manoko Tshephang Mokgohloa from Johannesburg

22 years old, female
I'm looking for economist, research jobs, econometrist jobs and any other type of job in the finance industry that will help me to enhance my full potential and experience as well as skills. My positive points are that, I'm a University of Limpopo Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce Hons in Economics graduate, obtained with distinctions. I am a driven individual with a strong work ethic, a focus on seeking solutions and a passion for the economy. I am striving to launch a career in economics using solid interpersonal and analytical thinking abilities. I have experience in business disciplines like Economics, Business management and Public sector Economics to say the least as well as quantitave approaches like Econometrics, Statistics and Research Project in Economics. My short term goal is to be in a company where I can grow my path and passion in the economist field and my long term goal is to be in a respectable position in that institution. I can create a positive relationship between internal and external stake holders and I work well within a team.
22 hours ago
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Junior Monadilo Masego Modipane

Junior Monadilo Masego Modipane from West Rand

23 years old, male
•GENERAL WORK/ER •PERSONAL ASSISTANT •LABOUR[BOILER MAKING] Competent & Realiable.Good listener , very organised , hard-working & very competitive , resilient and fast adapting.Professional as to how I always make it a point to adhere to Rules & Regulations.I work more efficiently with group since I’m organised & resilient.I have energy the strength to go above a normal rate since I was young , I’m the “ always active “ one because I push myself more efficiently so that I do not strain myself.I’m always willing & able to help where I can because I’m always fair & honest no matter the circumstance or situation.I’m also very good at executing whatever it is that is assigned at me because I pay attention to detail & organised.I understand that , I have to do what I’m supposed to do with or without managements supervision.I’m young & motivated , i find myself extremely determined also an adrenaline junkie..i’m into extreme activities because I work well under pressure.I understand very quick , I’m driven & passionate..I believe in winning and being the 1st in every situations.My communication skills are excellent as to how I’m always calm & listening to understand the matter at hand.Super charismatic , I’m my own believer befor anyone else , very respectful & humble , more of a straight talker to make things more understandable & quick.Very fair & honest two of my strongest qualities.
23 hours ago
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Julian Reichman Israelsohn

Julian Reichman Israelsohn from Johannesburg

46 years old, male
I am a qualified and experienced Gym Owner, Manager, Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach - with more than twenty-five years’ experience in the health, fitness, sports and martial arts industries - in various training, management, leadership and motivational roles. I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate individual who has single handedly shaped three young commercial enterprises – 1. A successful traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa 2. Fitness Technologies – a private personal training and performance gym facility in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa 3. Fitness Technologies has successfully incorporated one of the pioneer CrossFit Gyms in South Africa, CrossFit Platinum, to become one of the front runners for the Sport of Fitness and CrossFit in Johannesburg and South Africa, also being the First and Original Reebok Recognized Affiliate in Johannesburg. CrossFit Platinum represented South Africa at the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games in the Teams divisions. CrossFit Platinum is one of only three original CrossFit Gyms, in South Africa, to have celebrated their ten-year affiliation anniversary in 2019. I have practical and diverse experience as a gym owner, manager, leader, teacher and trainer of clients, students and trainers at all levels with a particular focus on motivating clients, students and trainers for maximum success in their related training, exercise, and business goals. I continue to participate and compete in Triathlon and Ironman racing, Obstacle Course Racing – I am a Spartan Ambassador and have qualified for the World Championships, as well as a competitive CrossFit career by participating in local and national CrossFit events - now competing in the Masters divisions. I also use the knowledge and methodologies of CrossFit and Sports Conditioning Training to prepare myself and other clients for various CrossFit and a multitude of Endurance events. Management, Coaching and Training is what I do - from Trainers, to Athletes, to Clients, to Facilities. I would definitely be the right person for the job. I look forward to being given the opportunity to take your business and company to the next level. Regards Julian
1 days ago
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Sindiswa Mbatha

Sindiswa Mbatha from Johannesburg

25 years old, female
I'm currently working at Unilever Field Sales. These are my current duties: - Office Administrator - Execute sales,Reporting to Clients - Adhere to customer service principles and practices. - Stock Ordering,Stock Returns, Stock Management and Rotation - Monitor and track sales performance through weekly and monthly reporting. -Maintain average selling prices as per budget. - Weakly and monthly sales report. -Dealing with queries on the phone and by email. -Liaising with suppliers and clients.
1 days ago
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Lindiwe Nhleko

Lindiwe Nhleko from Johannesburg

29 years old, female
Am looking for re.otely administrative jobs that include data entry or or email correspondence jobs which I know I will excel in
1 days ago
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Azola Mswelanto

Azola Mswelanto from Port Elizabeth

Iam looking for any Administration jobs
2 days ago
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Nompumelelo Mkwanazi

Nompumelelo Mkwanazi from East Rand

28 years old, female
I am looking for retail job or admi job. I would love to add experience and knowledge as a person also grow as a person. I would love to be part of your company. I am a friendly person, hard worker, energetic and I love working with people also I can work under pressure.
2 days ago
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Lizette Van Staden

Lizette Van Staden

40 years old, female
Deligent, friendly, hard working, always finish on time, Always Up for a challenge, Likes everything tobe perfect and neat.
2 days ago
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Rahime Sidwell

Rahime Sidwell from Johannesburg

28 years old, male
Room for growth
2 days ago
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Thinasonke Amhale Khumalo

Thinasonke Amhale Khumalo from Pretoria / Tshwane

19 years old, female
I am a highly organised and hard-working individual looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience. I am seeking an entry-level position to begin my career within any services industry. Thinasonke Khumalo is a highly motivated individual who pays attention to detail, a creative thinker and a highly energetic and committed individual with a strong academic background. My skills include being an analytical thinker, complex problem solver.
2 days ago
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Kenny Allison

Kenny Allison from West Rand

43 years old, male
I believe that my qualifications, knowledge, skills and extensive managerial experience in the retail and wholesale industries make me the perfect candidate for the role. I have a great passion for the profession and the highest regard for professionalism and customer service excellence. I have excellent communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills. I am reliable, loyal, responsible, proactive, self-motivated and well organised. I am a team leader and I pay attention to detail. I work very well under pressure and I am also a positive and enthusiastic person who is always willing to take on new responsibilities.
2 days ago
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