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Hainwill Gabriel Coetzee

Hainwill Gabriel Coetzee from Keimoes

25 years old, male
Truck driver code 14
4 weeks ago
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Nyidryin Finnies

Nyidryin Finnies from Keimoes

22 years old, male
Love to work with the community and the youth.
3 months ago
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Miemie Van Rooyen

Miemie Van Rooyen from Keimoes

54 years old, female
I am a responsible, hard-working and friendly person who quickly learns, put in extra time and energy in all my work, when it would be needed. I do not mind working overtime to get a job done, because I'm a loyal worker. I have the necessary knowledge of people relationships and maintain communication. To solve problems and find solutions is a challenge for me. If I'm given the opportunity, I believe that I will add value to your company with my experience and knowledge and therefore only benefit your company. My 5 strongest points I believe will be: Achiever Responsibility Consistency; Connectedness Strategic. I will stand out in my next work environment through hard work and with the necessary knowledge and skills and I shall learn to improve myself and give my best performance in my work environment. Thereby I will, by my loyalty, ambition and optimism used to strive to be successful and, in the long term I will do all actions to my employer’s interests at heart to contribute and to see that everything went smoothly to the benefit of that company.
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Nthabiseng Letsie

Nthabiseng Letsie from Keimoes

32 years old, female
I need a job where I Have my basic salary because now I am working as a financial advisor working on commission,
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