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Mpho Tshabadira

Mpho Tshabadira from Koffiefontein

26 years old, female
*strong work ethic *professionalism *excellent communication skills *confident and good values * Team player, I'm a fast learner i believe my motivation and commitment will ensure that i quickly become productive and a valued member of your team.
5 months ago
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Meschack Madebe

Meschack Madebe from Koffiefontein

25 years old, male
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Tshiamo Thekiso

Tshiamo Thekiso from Koffiefontein

28 years old, male
General work
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Moleboheng Mapheelle

Moleboheng Mapheelle from Free State

25 years old, female
I'm looking for an apprenticeship so that I could have a trade test certificate and qualify as an artisan. I'm a self driven person,a hard working person and I'm willing to learn new things to gain experience. I know how to work under pressure and I'm willing to work extra hours,I'm a very friendly person(loves smiling). I like working in groups. I don't smoke nor drink.
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Nodathini Enkeld

Nodathini Enkeld from Koffiefontein

25 years old, female
-im looking for an administrative job. I did an 18 moth on the job trying in ur and have N6 in it.. I'm very organise and can keep a tidy office. I pay attention to detail and can communicate very well. I work well with others and I think I'm a great candidate for this job
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Tshogofatso Ntema

Tshogofatso Ntema from Springfontein

21 years old, male
Drivers job since I have a 2 years 3 months drivers license.. I want to save my family and live a better life because we are 4 boys living with a single parent our mother who works as a cleaner of which her salary is not enough
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Macdonald Modiri Mosalaesi

Macdonald Modiri Mosalaesi from Koffiefontein

29 years old, male
Am looking for a surveyor position or survey assisatant position. casue i have experince on survey section
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Andre Lee Roy Matras

Andre Lee Roy Matras from Koffiefontein

22 years old, male
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Thembani William Bles

Thembani William Bles from Bloemfontein

32 years old, male
I can work as a driver then when time goes by I need to go futher with education to improve take company to the next level. about me I have potential I like to be motivated depending from,how? I associated with people I am a hardworking person
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Mpho Tshabadira

Mpho Tshabadira from Koffiefontein

26 years old, female
Energetic Vibrant Strong communication skills Computer literacy
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Renier Roodt

Renier Roodt from Koffiefontein

33 years old, male
Developer blasting miner Hard working Willing to learn more Proto Can count on me to do the job Urge other employees to work harder
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Vuyelwa Tshaka

Vuyelwa Tshaka from Koffiefontein

40 years old, female
I am a fast learner, hard worker and is not scared for challenges. I can adopt to change and is always ready t learn new things. I like to work in groups and is also willing to work alone am easy to work with and very friendly. I don't mind working after hours and on weekends.
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Terrenc Mzikatse Ngcangca

Terrenc Mzikatse Ngcangca from Mmbatho

52 years old, male
Iam looking for the job as a miner or production supervisor underground
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Neo Nkojwa

Neo Nkojwa from Koffiefontein

35 years old, male
I'm a very hard worker who works well in a team and individually, I recently worked in the construction business as a general worker for Department of Water and Sanitation. I have previously worked in mining as an Engineering Assistant(boilermaker), for 3years and I know and feel that I will be an asset to the company.
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Charlotte Gaba

Charlotte Gaba from Petrusburg

33 years old, female
Im working for a general job, cleaning job or any job that is available.
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Udham Singh

Udham Singh from Koffiefontein

25 years old, male
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Charles Mathonsi

Charles Mathonsi from Witbank

38 years old, male
Am looking for a job of Diesel fitter mechanic /assistance mechanic as am a newly qualified artisan.I am a qualified diesel fitter mechanic in section 26D(4) trade test .I served my apprenticeship at DEUTZ diesel power for four years period. Tasks consisted of stripping different DEUTZ diesel engines and assembling ,working at DYNO testing ,assisting at field service with maintenance and fault finding in mining at Gold field (south deep ) ,Samancor service DEUTZ Engines ,Sandvik machines, Atlas Copco and GHH mining. *TRADE TEST SECTION 13(26D) QUALIFIED (ARTISAN)
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Usman Muhammad

Usman Muhammad from Koffiefontein

36 years old, male
I am pakistan i like sauth africa
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