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Victoria Louwson

Victoria Louwson from Middelburg

56 years old, female
I'm looking for a Grade 111 Staff Nurse job.Despite of my hearing loss am I a experience endorsed Staff Nurse,currently unemployed but I'm registered with SANC.I'm a conscientious and dedicated individual with a passion for nursing and committed providing the highest quality care for my patients.I'm qualified in administering medication, set up IV lines,patients measurements,wound management,female catheter insertion and catheter care,helping patients to bath,feed,go to the toilet and conduct their daily activities with dignity and comfort.I possess a strong understanding of patients standards and documentation and follow strict protocols as I assist patients and medical staff at each facility.Working in various assignments has allowed me to develop and demonstrate my ability to adapt quickly to new environments and communicate effectively with a diverse range of patients and colleagues.I can work under pressure and work well with others and work productively in team work.I have a reputation for displaying empathy and patience being organized and efficient and communicating well with patients and their families. I also work in Theatre as a anaesthetic and floor nurse.If given me the opportunity to join your hospital I am positive that I can make valuable contribution.My professionalism includes a dedication to principles of justice,attitude,appearance,willingness to help others,responsibility,honesty,integrity,teamwork.discipline,belief in human dignity and desire to prevent and alleviate suffering.I believe I would be an ideal fit and would also benefit from the supportive environment you provide.
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Flink Baartman

Flink Baartman from Middelburg

43 years old, male
I would be very happy if I could find a cleaners or drivers job (code C1 with pdp).I'm very hardworking and neat person who do his work to the best of his ability. I don't mind working long hours including weekends.I'm a very positive person and a good team player.
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Nellie Banda

Nellie Banda from Middelburg

27 years old, female
I am looking for a job that is administrative in nature, it may also be related to Public Relations and international relations and Law. .I am social,a fast learner and ready to multitask.,I am a team player and have ability to work under minimum supervision,with acquired knowledge from university ,I am capable of adding to your organisation efficiency and effectiveness for the institutions progress.
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Mohammed Thousif Thouchi

Mohammed Thousif Thouchi from Middelburg

27 years old, male
Sales job and office boy and press networking job etc....
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Joseph Ezeh

Joseph Ezeh from KwaZulu-Natal

29 years old, male
MAN diesel truck mechanic, customer relation.
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Khumbulani Ndlazi

Khumbulani Ndlazi from North Coast

27 years old, male
As I am the well organised man who is hungry for the job, I am aware to work as secreatary since I have been volunteering right present in ward 9 sports and recreation. I am even available for the general works to obtain more experiences and a team player potential. The company should employe me to keep all company branches in highest starndad position ever. I have a good manner and am a presentable young gentleman.
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Yolanda Yake

Yolanda Yake from Middelburg

29 years old, female
I'm looking for the job of being a waitress, because I like working with people and also I like working hard. And I have some skills in Safety in Society and in Work 4living business school and also in Academy for Construction skills.
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