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Sboniso Ngwane

Sboniso Ngwane from North Coast

41 years old, male
Greetings. I am Sboniso Ngwane. Have code 10 with PDP, matric and computer literacy. 6years driving experience. I am looking for a driving Job, it can be long distance or local, I have code 10 with prpd with over 5 years of experience. I have been to different provinces, I know almost all KZN, I am hard worker, with the ability to work under a lot of pressure, I am clean driver my Curriculum Vitae with its references and my previous employer reference letter can be my witness. I can also drive the truck, I am trustworthy. Please contact me at 0608209364,
2 weeks ago
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Bongiwe Ribbon Mhlongo

Bongiwe Ribbon Mhlongo from North Suburbs

41 years old, female
Am looking for administrative clerk or labour job .Am computer literacy with a drivers license.I have completed my grade 12 with my diploma in Safety management.I cam work under pressure am a trustworthy person and willing to learn more.I have experience been working in Correctional services and I can meet dead lines.I also have different skills such as interpersonal, communication etc
3 weeks ago
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Thembeka Agnacia Blose

Thembeka Agnacia Blose from North Suburbs

33 years old, female
I am looking for any retail related job because i am a friendly person who works well in a team and independent, love being around people which makes me deal with customers perfectly. I am a hard worker very dedicated in what i do.
4 weeks ago
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Lindisipho Mzimela

Lindisipho Mzimela from North Suburbs

40 years old, male
Technical, technician,assistant technician, assistant artisan or general worker I am a very hard working person,self motivated and I can also work under pressure.
1 months ago
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Phamela Jali

Phamela Jali from North Suburbs

25 years old, male
I am self-motivated, hardworking individual with good time management, excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Always willing to learn new experiences and always have positive attitude towards my work.
1 months ago
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Nokuthula Ntuli

Nokuthula Ntuli from Durban City

34 years old, female
Given the opportunity, i will perfom my duties with perseverance, dedication and loyalty. I am confident that i have knowlage and skill to professionally fulfill the position as required by the orhanization. I am eager to enhance and refine my personal development within the organization and take the challenges that lie ahead. It is my aim to make and be part of a successful team that is directly involved.
1 months ago
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Zanele Happiness Dlamini

Zanele Happiness Dlamini from Durban City

22 years old, female
I am looking for job as cashier,packer, shop assistance or any other job related to retail industry. I strongly believe that i would be great assistance to your company as capable young and energetic with unlimited knowledge always willing learn. I am positive,flexible and energetic with unlimited knowledge .
1 months ago
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Thabani Gumbi

Thabani Gumbi from Durban City

32 years old, male
Am looking for a job of being a petrol attendent and i got 5 years experience am currently working as a security guard for now bt if i get a the job i can resign it would be easier if i get it in hlanga to stanger between those areas
1 months ago
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Thomson Compagny

Thomson Compagny from Lulekani

22 years old, male
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2 months ago
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Madoda Sandile Zwane

Madoda Sandile Zwane from North Suburbs

31 years old, male
I was working @ accerlomittal as a crane driver overhead crane
2 months ago
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Sbongeka Bongokuhle Ndlovu

Sbongeka Bongokuhle Ndlovu from North Suburbs

26 years old, male
General job
3 months ago
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Nompilo Zulu

Nompilo Zulu from North Suburbs

23 years old, female
Im looking for a company that can offer me the opportunity to do my inservice training i have tourism qualification getting a job at the hotel, resort, airport,game park or any other tourism places. I am smart hardworking candidate, self motivated i love taking up new challenges, most importantly i am a good communicator which make me perfect for this industry or work in a customer service field.
3 months ago
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Menisha Gungaram

Menisha Gungaram from Durban City

27 years old, female
Open minded, professional and well spoken. Outgoing Independent Hardworking Motivated Committed Positive Organized I define myself to be a consistent hard worker, using logic and paying attention to detail with willingness and ability to follow procedure and instruction. I have the ability to work under pressure I am an excellent team player and I am able to complete any designated tasks with efficiency and effectiveness as well as being part of a team working co-operatively with others to accomplish a common goal
3 months ago
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Neliswa Mfaku

Neliswa Mfaku from West Suburbs

33 years old, female
Im looking for a job as a security i was trained to bee a good security to be patience well spoken good communicator love to work with people and fast learner
4 months ago
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Mahomed Akram Ally Mahomed

Mahomed Akram Ally Mahomed from North Suburbs

30 years old, male
I am very honest and hard working and willing to learn more every day even things that I never fone I like to give it a try to become one of the best. Driving is one of my passions that I enjoy to go places and see lots of new things. Customers services is what I love because when I help the customer to get what they they be very happy and by me seeing a person happy makes me very proud especially elderly people.
5 months ago
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Nkosinomusa Goodman

Nkosinomusa Goodman from Durban City

57 years old, male
I Nkosinomusa Mlaba hereby apply for unadvertised post My expirience include Recieving, Storeman, Inventory Controll,Purchasing, Capturing invoice, Spoilages, Credit note,monthly stock taking,and following orders.I,m hardworker, with computor literate, solving probles and good communicating skills.i hope my application will reach your favourable consideration at 0738856641/
5 months ago
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Joy Holder

Joy Holder from North Suburbs

48 years old, female
I am looking for a clerical or a digital marketer position. I have many years in the clerical field, doing all office duties and I am computer literate. While being unemployed due to the pandemic, I completed an online Digital Marketing course (level 7) through a UK based company, in which I completed and passed all 15 assignments with excellent marks. With this, I created a MP4 video for Willow Brew Coffee Merchants which included everything from their website.
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Sthembiso Nhlakanipho Myende

Sthembiso Nhlakanipho Myende from North Suburbs

26 years old, male
Am hard working person and always trying to learn new thing am driven and focused.
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Sinembali Nkosi

Sinembali Nkosi from Ingwavuma kz box 3968

19 years old, female
Am looking for any job that is available at the moment which will require only matric as a qualification. I am a very enthusiastic person, energetic and excellent at communication skills. I adapt quickly to new environment. Am hardworking reliable,willing and eager to learn new task or skills quikly
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Khanyisani Masikane

Khanyisani Masikane from Durban City

36 years old, male
I am a highly motivated, adaptable and responsible person. I am studying economics and logistics (Supply chain management). Which , I am seeking for an opportunity that might match my qualification. I have a potential to work as team and independent as well, and strong drive to see things completion.
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