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Caroline April

Caroline April from Kimberley

30 years old, female
Any secretary work or sales, I am a hard worker and fast learner,friendly more of a people's person
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Durjoy Mahmud Md Durjoy Mahmud

Durjoy Mahmud Md Durjoy Mahmud from Cape Town

24 years old, male
They hire me that I can help them their work.
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Ibrahim Ojo

Ibrahim Ojo from Postmasburg

29 years old, male
Am a graduate of Nigeria polytechnic I studied urban and regional Planning I have a broad knowledge of architectural design and building construction. I have a special skill in business management overtimes I have supervised various successful building project. The growth of your business is my main aim
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Angus  Walter Edwards

Angus Walter Edwards from Johannesburg

64 years old, male
I am a highly motivated worker. Every new experience I take as a challenge. I have eagerness to learn new skills and to except new responsibilities. I adapt to any new environment and I know myself as a fast learner. I am preparing to accept any new challenge with the view to master and perform any optimum. I am very keen to develop new skills. I will, when the necessary opportunity is available, exceed the expectations to which the concerned responsibilities are attended. The corrective and preventative actions are never really understood until you have completed the cause in ISO 9001 : 2008 – (2015). I am a hard worker, dead-lined driven, negotiations and conflict management skills, working independently and in a team effort, facilitation, problem-solving and decision making, creativity, initiatives, Computer literate. Deadline driven, Attention to detail, Project efficiency and Hands on experience. Setting a zero tolerance to minimize costs related to N,C,R.'s.Set goals and proceed to excellent achievements.There is no time for rework, it cost money and time. When you start right , you will end right, Doing it right first time. I WILL PERFORM MY DUTIES TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES. Non smoker & of sober habits.
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