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Ignatuis Stegmann

Ignatuis Stegmann from Uitenhage

50 years old, male
I'm a very hardworking,disciplined and a trustworthy person. I am willing to work long hours, weekends and public holidays. I will be a good asset to any company who decides to hire me. I am self motivated and a good team player. I consider myself as a person with good leadership abilities. I am looking for any delivery driver, manufacturing or any retail jobs.
3 days ago
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Samantha Van Rensburg

Samantha Van Rensburg from Uitenhage

41 years old, female
I hereby wish to apply for the position advertised My ambition is to become part of a dynamic team and contribute to the best and fullest of my ability with respect to the future endeavours undertaken by the company by whom I am employed. I am always eager and willing to learn although I know there is no substitute for experience. I do however feel that granted the chance I could prove my potential and worth as a good, reliable and honest worker with integrity, as these are virtues in which I fervently believe in. In closing, a principle I have adopted as my guideline towards being a complete individual and worker is looking upon every obstacle as a down payment towards my future success as I use them to strengthen myself, not weaken myself. So I feel that I will add value and also be an asset for your company with the current experience that I have gathered over the past nineteen years as an employee at Absa bank.
2 weeks ago
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Jacques Mostert

Jacques Mostert from Eastern Cape

29 years old, male
Im am a hard worker and do my best i am always willing ti learn new things an be creative
3 weeks ago
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Lezynn Wildeman

Lezynn Wildeman from Uitenhage

35 years old, female
Hi i work as a qaulity inspector at (QS) Quality solutions i would love to work at your company and im a very fast leaner and a very loving person im available immediately
4 weeks ago
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Nomathamsanqa Mngaza

Nomathamsanqa Mngaza from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, female
Admin assistant and file sorter Team player Self starter Work well under pressure
4 weeks ago
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Thomas Nicholas Rensburg

Thomas Nicholas Rensburg from Eastern Cape

47 years old, male
Result-oriented,intelligent,organized,and motivated individual with over twenty(20) years of working experience,,i am ready to step in and make an immediate contribution to Transnets continued success. I maintain good maintenance practices on machines and work area,complying with company and OSHA safety rules and regulations. In addition,i am courteous,disciplined,and have a perfect attendance record.
1 months ago
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Julia Grootboom

Julia Grootboom from Uitenhage

50 years old, female
Im looking for cleaning job or a porter. Im the hard worker, strong can work under pressure. I can work more hours and shift. I can work with other people.
1 months ago
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Jennifer Njomba

Jennifer Njomba from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, female
Receptionist, Cashier, Working with Hazards, Cleaning, Fitting and turning etc. I'm a good motivated hard worker, whose hoping one day to be a bread winner at home!
1 months ago
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Angelique Chamondary Smith

Angelique Chamondary Smith from Willowmore

32 years old, female
Highly motivated, energetic, honest, hardworking individual seeking to obtain a full-time employment position where I can apply my excellent administration and communication skills. * I am assertive and able to handle pressure. * I have a great desire to acquire knowledge and are prepared to bring maximum effort to my work. * I am a problem solver and adapt easy to any work environment. * I am punctual, dependable and can be counted upon to finish what I start. * I believe my strongest trait is attention to detail, this trait has helped me tremendously in an office environment.
1 months ago
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Denise Kruger

Denise Kruger from Port Elizabeth

59 years old, female
Any Administration position. Have experience with Payroll, Creditors, Reception, Purchasing etc.
1 months ago
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Lwazi Mgidi

Lwazi Mgidi from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, male
Any General work. Or Chef Job. I have experience in both.. I’m a team player,I love working with people. When I’m at work, my Job comes first,I take it more than serious. Time management means a world to me, one thing i always make sure is to be on time all the time. I’m a very easy going person, and always bubbly...
1 months ago
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Duwayne Rayners

Duwayne Rayners from Uitenhage

22 years old, male
I'm looking for anything in the field of CNC MILLING operator ens.
1 months ago
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Nobuzwe Nyakatya

Nobuzwe Nyakatya from Port Elizabeth

38 years old, female
Any kind of general work .im passinate do any work a trustwoth person good communication willing to work under pressure even with a team...
2 months ago
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Ntudiseng Raisi

Ntudiseng Raisi from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, female
I can work perfect under pressure. I love working with people. I'm a fast learner that can facilitate the training period. I love working in a team because as people we think differently and different views can benefit the project.
3 months ago
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Aunschenett Moonsamy

Aunschenett Moonsamy from Port Elizabeth

33 years old, female
My last position was as a quality Assessor within the call centre environment. I would lile to work in call centre or admin duties. My strong suit is ensuring excellent customer service, as well as ensuring adherence to business processes.
3 months ago
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Luvane Percensie

Luvane Percensie from Uitenhage

30 years old, female
I am a positive, dedicated hair stylist. I am hardworking and always see to it that the client is happy. I do go the extra mile and put effort in to what I do. Hairdressing is my passion.
3 months ago
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Joshuah Munnik

Joshuah Munnik from Uitenhage

23 years old, male
Code 10 driver job
3 months ago
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Sisipho Mjadu

Sisipho Mjadu from Uitenhage

26 years old, female
I envisage a career for myself and inspire to be involved in a company that allows me to utilize my skills with prospects for career development. I am a confident, hardworking person who enjoys challenges. I also enjoy working with a variety of people. I am a highly innovative independent thinker. I am a performance-driven individual, with very high work ethics, and with tremendous passion for what I do. I am a highly resourceful individual who has the ability to quickly adapt to different industrial environments and rapid advances in technology. I am a good communicator, and I am a highly proactive team player.
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Luvuyo Anesipho Klaas

Luvuyo Anesipho Klaas from Uitenhage

25 years old, male
Being a car driver or stock packer I have code 8 learners license. With no qualification but matric certificate at present, I am to contribute my communication and group work skills to any work environment I find myself in. My aim is to make a professional, dynamic to my employer. I look forward to being of benefit to my employer/s. Being professional, responsible and loving the work I do is also what an employer can expect from me.
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Jerome Plaatjies

Jerome Plaatjies from Uitenhage

43 years old, male
I want to go back in management I score in aud was 97.5 % and also I was making profit in the store n=in this 6years I was also helping out in cape town like strand and 2 store of cashbuild . I like to work with people and also hardworking person , also like to learn every day and like to have short problems out.
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