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Joshuah Munnik

Joshuah Munnik from Uitenhage

22 years old, male
Code 10 driver job
1 weeks ago
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Sisipho Mjadu

Sisipho Mjadu from Uitenhage

25 years old, female
I envisage a career for myself and inspire to be involved in a company that allows me to utilize my skills with prospects for career development. I am a confident, hardworking person who enjoys challenges. I also enjoy working with a variety of people. I am a highly innovative independent thinker. I am a performance-driven individual, with very high work ethics, and with tremendous passion for what I do. I am a highly resourceful individual who has the ability to quickly adapt to different industrial environments and rapid advances in technology. I am a good communicator, and I am a highly proactive team player.
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Luvuyo Anesipho Klaas

Luvuyo Anesipho Klaas from Uitenhage

24 years old, male
Being a car driver or stock packer I have code 8 learners license. With no qualification but matric certificate at present, I am to contribute my communication and group work skills to any work environment I find myself in. My aim is to make a professional, dynamic to my employer. I look forward to being of benefit to my employer/s. Being professional, responsible and loving the work I do is also what an employer can expect from me.
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Jerome Plaatjies

Jerome Plaatjies from Uitenhage

43 years old, male
I want to go back in management I score in aud was 97.5 % and also I was making profit in the store n=in this 6years I was also helping out in cape town like strand and 2 store of cashbuild . I like to work with people and also hardworking person , also like to learn every day and like to have short problems out.
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Bongiwe Njanjala

Bongiwe Njanjala from Uitenhage

30 years old, female
Looking for home base care nursing
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Gift Blaauw

Gift Blaauw from Port Elizabeth

22 years old, male
Is to lookup for my kids and my family.
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Yakupha Chaza

Yakupha Chaza from Uitenhage

27 years old, female
Cleaning in the hotel.i'm hard work
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Siphosethu Qubuda

Siphosethu Qubuda from Grahamstown

26 years old, female
I am friendly, bubbly, kind person with a smile always on my face, focused at work and make sure I meet the deadlines, I am hard work and always ready to learn new things and always up for a challenge. I love working in a team and I work well with people I also work very well alone and can use my own initiative.I know perfectly that I can be a benefit to any company and I will be a positive contribution...
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Ziyamthanda Jacobs

Ziyamthanda Jacobs from Port Elizabeth

22 years old, female
I am looking for a job in marketing, i am a second year student at MSC Business College who will soo finish attending class in August. My wish is to not sit around after finishing my classes in August. I am a hard working student who can juggle school and work at the same time . I am good amd fluent in English (write and talk) I am computer illiterate Have good interpersonal communication skills And I am able to work under pressure. I am a vibrant marketing student who's 21years of age
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Ntombizanele Tesana

Ntombizanele Tesana from Uitenhage

24 years old, female
I want to renovate my home n support my parents cz they are too old nw
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Noxoĺo Menziwa

Noxoĺo Menziwa from Uitenhage

28 years old, male
Any job that is available am a hard worker and i love challanging work
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Nkosinathi Lamani

Nkosinathi Lamani from Uitenhage

35 years old, male
Driver,s job
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Yolandi Myburgh

Yolandi Myburgh from Uitenhage

22 years old, female
I am a team player, I also have a very friendly and bubbly personality and I love working with the public and doing my best to keep the customers happy.
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Sipho Nazareth

Sipho Nazareth from Uitenhage

50 years old, male
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Natasha Pettit

Natasha Pettit from Uitenhage

41 years old, female
I'm looking for any Administrative positions available with benefits like a pension fund. I have 15 years Admin experience and I love doing Admin work. I'm friendly, trustworthy, punctual and can work independently. I'm a problem solver and I love sorting out a problem or issue. I will be a great asset to your business as I am a neat worker with a friendly personality and I can work under pressure. Thank you for considering me. Regards Natasha
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Avolene Mazenna

Avolene Mazenna from Uitenhage

31 years old, female
I am interested in a legal secretary career. I am extremely positive regarding whatever life may throw at me, i am driven,hardworking and a peoples person. I take my work rather serious and always give me best at every task i am given.I have a bubbly personality and i am a team player but work better individual. I always go the extra mile to make sure my work or the task at hand is delivered to the best of my ability, i do work over time if need be. When given a task i do it as prompt and fast as humanly positive as i do not want my work load to stand over onto the next day.
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Ursula Rene Schoultz

Ursula Rene Schoultz from Uitenhage

48 years old, male
Looking for an employment that is bank related if possible. I am currently an Finance & Insurance Business Manager. I was very good in admin. I have years of customer service and satisfaction. Work very well on all levels.
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Autumn Adams

Autumn Adams from Uitenhage

28 years old, female
Preferred job will be any job concerning my experiences I have. Receptionist, Administration, Secretarial, customer care and all the duties it entails. I am bilingual and computer literate, I love working with people and would love a new challenge. I am looking for exposure in a large diversity of brands so I can continue to hone my skills. I know I can do the work and deliver deliver results. I will be a good fit to the team. I would accept any job if training available as I am a fast learner.
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Marvin Prince

Marvin Prince from Uitenhage

25 years old, male
I'm Marvin Prince Currently looking/seeking for a quality inspector job, I am a very reliable person and will always try my best to give the repsonse wanted from me and certainly will always be able to work under pressure. I am a very accurate person when it comes to what I am doing and is always willing to learn new things. I have a tendency in taking what I am doing very serious and will always respond to the demand that is place up on me.
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Noluvo Balitafa

Noluvo Balitafa from Uitenhage

32 years old, female
I'm looking for job on office Addimnistration.because I'm desperate and famrly depend for my self.and is my skill office addminstration
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