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Sherilyn Haarhoff

Sherilyn Haarhoff from Port Elizabeth

24 years old, female
Healthcare assistant or any available job I'm very helpful and friendly
1 months ago
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Sungano Simiyoni

Sungano Simiyoni

45 years old, female
Am a registered Practitioner in Holistic Health and Nutrition holding A Bachelors Degree with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. Have managed to cure a number of chronic dieases with the use of good nutrition. These include patients with HIV and AIDS, cancer, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems to name a few. Am also a qualified Counsellor. A student in Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Management.Also i have been conducting a number of wellness programs of which one of them was published on the internet, have been doing health talks on the Radio. 21 years of work experience.
4 months ago
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Yoliswa Mpongwana

Yoliswa Mpongwana from Port Elizabeth

34 years old, female
I am *Responsible - multitasking: ability to handle multiple tasks at once, remain organised, - organization: leaves no duty unattended. -ownership: takes responsibility to mistake, honest and clear in report. *Expertise - monitoring changes in vital signs - assisting in feeding, bathing, dressing and exercising - create a safe environment *Emphatic: able to understand patients struggles -Even tempered- ability to remain calm in the event of provocation Over and above am a team worker
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Nisrina Sbia

Nisrina Sbia from Port Elizabeth

27 years old, female
Receptionist . I am currently one , but the pay is too little .
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Raeesa Wicomb

Raeesa Wicomb from Port Elizabeth

28 years old, female
I am a young, determined and goal driven individual who adores working with people. I am known all over as a people’s person and I get along with people from all walks of life. I adapt extremely well to my environment and work well individually and in a team and am therefore very expendable... I see myself thriving so well in the medical/pharmaceutical industry because of my determination and people’s skills...I would appreciate the opportunity to Enter this industry and be part of your dynamic team
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Marina Barkhuizen

Marina Barkhuizen from Port Elizabeth

61 years old, female
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Thulani Zulu

Thulani Zulu from Port Elizabeth

35 years old, male
Professional nurse job Team leader, able to work under pressure, fast learner, problem solver, good communication
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Zeta Hartzenberg

Zeta Hartzenberg from Cape Flats

39 years old, female
I have more clinical experience. Working at community health centers.
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Victoria Louwson

Victoria Louwson from Middelburg

56 years old, female
I'm looking for a Grade 111 Staff Nurse job.Despite of my hearing loss am I a experience endorsed Staff Nurse,currently unemployed but I'm registered with SANC.I'm a conscientious and dedicated individual with a passion for nursing and committed providing the highest quality care for my patients.I'm qualified in administering medication, set up IV lines,patients measurements,wound management,female catheter insertion and catheter care,helping patients to bath,feed,go to the toilet and conduct their daily activities with dignity and comfort.I possess a strong understanding of patients standards and documentation and follow strict protocols as I assist patients and medical staff at each facility.Working in various assignments has allowed me to develop and demonstrate my ability to adapt quickly to new environments and communicate effectively with a diverse range of patients and colleagues.I can work under pressure and work well with others and work productively in team work.I have a reputation for displaying empathy and patience being organized and efficient and communicating well with patients and their families. I also work in Theatre as a anaesthetic and floor nurse.If given me the opportunity to join your hospital I am positive that I can make valuable contribution.My professionalism includes a dedication to principles of justice,attitude,appearance,willingness to help others,responsibility,honesty,integrity,teamwork.discipline,belief in human dignity and desire to prevent and alleviate suffering.I believe I would be an ideal fit and would also benefit from the supportive environment you provide.
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Athenkosi Dosina

Athenkosi Dosina from Port Elizabeth

24 years old, male
Paramedics assistant job or Call centre job or Courier assistant job or Nurse in hospital of Travel Logistics or Bus Host are the kind of jobs I'm looking for because I believe God has blessed me with many talents so any task given to me I can handle regardless of some experience in these fields mentioned above.If you hire me the last thing you won't regret is hiring me that I can guarantee you
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Nokulunga Mzini

Nokulunga Mzini from Butterworth

28 years old, female
I am looking for internships in biochemistry and microbiology. I have a degree in biochemistry and microbiology and also honours degree in biochemistry. I am ambitious, passionate, willing to work under pressure and learn new things.
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Liesll Soetland

Liesll Soetland from Port Elizabeth

39 years old, female
Leadership, flexible adapts easily to changes Working well with team and community Outreaches Immunisations, Epi Hct PHC,dispensing Anc Pnc I love working with community and to improve some of their living conditions.Provide health education. I am very dedicated to my work and and feels satisfied when I reach my goals,I treat all people equally irrespective of race,colour,I love working with people and always display positive attitude.
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Nomasimpiwe Nukwa

Nomasimpiwe Nukwa from Port Elizabeth

28 years old, male
I'm looking 4 home base nursing and any kind of job if I don't get what I want bcz I really want the job
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Charles Kajimo

Charles Kajimo from Port Elizabeth

59 years old, male
Work as Occupational health and safety officer. I ve worked in the ministry of health for 18 years as environmental health officer in charge of a province (North western province) in Zambia. The province has three Large mines. I did risk assessment, control of pollution, safety audit, environmental impact assessment, control of hazardous wastes and general inspection of work place and food. I work without supervision and write reports, work plan, and arrange medical exam for workers who are at risk. Ref to my CV for more details.
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Taryn Stroebel

Taryn Stroebel from Port Elizabeth

26 years old, female
Why i think you should hire me is because I'm hard working always try my best to help where I can, positive attitude and highly motivated
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Lulama Nomxego

Lulama Nomxego from Port Elizabeth

49 years old, female
Tb management and supporting other facilities in the management of TB,Educator by profession,facilitator for TB,HIV,INFECTION CONTROL,PMTCT,COUPLE COUNSELING,using system,Hard worker ,team worker ,supervisor ,motivator ,work with 90 90 90 strategies,health education in schools and community
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Andisiwe Charity Sunduza

Andisiwe Charity Sunduza from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, female
I am a hard worker, I am also a fast learner. I do not have much experience but I am confident about my ability to learn and fit in. I have good communication skills(both written and verbal). I am motivated by life and its struggles. I believe no one is meant to suffer all the time for their whole life. All this keeps me motivated that things will get better. Therefore I always strive to do my best in whatever task I may be given.
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Aneesah Salie

Aneesah Salie from Port Elizabeth

Good day To whom this may concern I would like to apply for any job available I am trustworthy, honest, reliable and responsible I have good work ethics Kind Regards A.Salie
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Denisha Meyer

Denisha Meyer from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, female
My dream is to be a caregiver because I want to look after my elders I want to care for them with dignity and respect I want to make the world a better place I am a good heart person I like t comnicate with people I am a trust tebel person as and I wil love my job with my hole hart my god blessed thank y
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Nomava Mtakati

Nomava Mtakati from Port Elizabeth

24 years old, female
Am looking for old age home. Clinic. Hospitals. Home carer
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