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Licence Codes for Drivers in South Africa. There are many codes that are designated for drivers in South Africa. These codes include Codes A1, A, B, C1, C, EB, EC1 and EC. Code C is suitable for goods vehicles and buses that have GVMs (Gross Vehicle Masses) that are higher than 16,000kg. Code EC1, on the other hand, is suitable for articulated vehicles that possess GCMs (Gross Combination Masses) that are in the range of 3,500kg to 16,000kg. If you're looking to earn a licence to drive professionally in South Africa, you should learn about the code options that are appropriate for your aspirations. In-depth training and licensing can help you secure a rewarding and lucrative bus driver, taxi driver or truck driver career in South Africa. Learning about Code B, Code C1 and all the other categories can help you get your feet wet.
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