Economic and job vacancies growth in Johannesburg

30 May 2017  

Being the financial, commercial and industrial centre of South Africa means one thing - Johannesburg is the place to make money and major deals. Since the city is so attractive to any business and investments, it is now home to many international organisations. The widest range of companies are located in the city: retail, engineering, construction, insurance, mining companies and banks, all chose to establish their business in this leading city. Those companies has many job vacancies and it is the good news for South Africans.

Such facts reflect Johannesburg’s growing economy and its possibilities. Through the retail, manufacturing and service industry sectors Johannesburg generates a large percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The city is considered to be one of the main contributors to the economies of Gauteng and the whole South Africa itself.

Shares of gross values

Even though 2008 global financial crisis had its impact on Johannesburg and the city now faces a challenge of meeting its own growth targets, it still remains to be a front-runner in comparison to the surrounding cities. According to the report released in May 2016 by the Department of Economic Development in Johannesburg, in 2013 the city made up 17 % of South Africa’s economic output.

Johannesburg also has the highest rate of employment and business activity in the country. More than that, it is the most populated city in South Africa, which also adds to its role as an economic and financial centre. A variety of job-seekers and businessmen come to the city, tempted by the opportunities Johannesburg has to offer. There are a couple of sectors that vary in the city and attract entrepreneurs. Service sectors dominate Johannesburg: financial and business services, retail and wholesale services, community and social services, also the manufacturing service.

Johannesburg also has the highest rate of employment and business activity in the country.

Johannesburg, in general, is a promising investment destination, outrunning dozens of other cities. The city has made exceptional progress in many key areas, such as economic growth and is now a very significant source of job creation in the country. After all, Johannesburg is one of the top cities in the whole Africa that offers the best opportunities for future growth and investment prospects. The city has build this great and strong foundation, which ensures even more future accomplishments.

If you are from around South Africa, don’t hesitate to relocate to Johannesburg and find a job here!

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