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Davidreows from Western Cape

10 years old, male
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2 hours ago
Glenda Marishane

Glenda Marishane from Jane furse

27 years old, female
I am interested in working at your company.i have 18 Months experience in Human Resource Management. I am a hard working dedicated worker who likes to give my best in everything i do. I am highly organised and efficient and I am now looking for a new environment to keep my skills up to date and continue emproving my experience. I work very well under pressure, I am people's person and fit for all hard work. Thank you for your consideration. Kind Regards Glenda Marishane.
4 hours ago
Salminah Baloyi

Salminah Baloyi from Johannesburg

28 years old, female
Am looking for a receptionist job and cashier as a certificate in P\A office administration and have been a cashier for two and half years. Am a hard working person, can multitask and work well under pressure, and have managerial skill as I have been over seeing that thing are done probably in the shop.
5 hours ago
Tirwagodimo Ragel Mashinini

Tirwagodimo Ragel Mashinini from Johannesburg

40 years old, female
My name is Rachel Mashinini, born and raised in a village called Ledig, Rusternburg. I have my matric certificate and passed my short courses in personal computing at Rosebank college. I am the mother of three kids, and a hard working individual who firmly believe in a job welldone. I consider myself to be very energetic. I am willing to work extremely hard. I am committed to deliver nothing but the best of my performances and guarantee you my utmost commitment.
6 hours ago
Mokgadi Anolda Molamodi

Mokgadi Anolda Molamodi from Johannesburg

27 years old, female
Cahier because i know the importance of the customer service is one of the most aspects in retail environment and this has a direct impact on how the customer perceives our organisation. A cahier deal directly with the customer and general public and importance of this position needs to be fully understood and cashier must have impact on the following areas:custome,staff members and colleagues,supplier,assist on preventing,mainly due to theft,profitability of our company and contribute to overall success
7 hours ago
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