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Sarel Duvenage

Sarel Duvenage from Ermelo

37 years old, male
I have more than 14 years working experience off which 7 years are in management level. I have achieved many milestones including operations saving, plant improvement, performance record and upgrades. I have a strong passion for leadership. Always involve in when risky situations call for it and always keep level headed. My leadership are constantly recognised. I have worked as Day Shift team leader, Shift Team leader and Shift Manager in different departments. Also worked in a raw material plant were we did daily stock control, releasing and ordering material.Currently Shift Manager
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Phelokazi Poni

Phelokazi Poni from Port Elizabeth

23 years old, female
Team work strong work ethic work under pressure good communication skill hard worker
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Maxine Katzen

Maxine Katzen from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, male
Working with people. Helping out where i can learning new things. Positive worker. Up for learning.
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Meghan Snyman

Meghan Snyman from Port Elizabeth

29 years old, male
Im curreently looking for any job available. Im in sales at the moment so i am good with peope. Solving problems. Selling products. Admin Working on a computer
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Nosibambatiso Bambie Madela

Nosibambatiso Bambie Madela from Port Elizabeth

33 years old, female
Airport Car Rentals Administration Secretarial Driver/Transport I'm a very vibrant young lady. Always willing to learn new things. Team worker. Able to work under pressure.
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Samantha Semone Alberts

Samantha Semone Alberts from Port Elizabeth

34 years old, female
The positions I'm interested in will be flight attendant/ cabin crew etc. My positive points: I'm very neatly groomed, healthy, professional, loyal, hard working, customer service orientated, goal orientated, prefer challenges etc.
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Sambesiwe Ndayi

Sambesiwe Ndayi from Port Elizabeth

19 years old, female
-I am a smart, articulate, versatile, confident, hard working female and a fast learner. I easily adapt to new environments and work type. -Well organised; good planner and time manager. -Active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done. -Able to communicate orally, in writing, or via electronic means, in a manner appropriate to the audience. -Ability to relate well to others and establish good working relationship. Ability to build trust and credibility with manager and employees
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Ronnie Spies

Ronnie Spies from Johannesburg

47 years old, male
Hi. I'm looking for something in warehouse or store management, similarly something in that field. I have strong leadership qualities and have a high work ethic. I believe strongly in being punctual and staying till the job is done. I do not drink and have good values. I'm in very good health and keep myself in good shape. I'm currently employed but living apart from my loved ones as they are settled in Port Elizabeth. I'm looking to relocate at the end of 2017.
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Shane Kenverdonica Damons

Shane Kenverdonica Damons from Port Elizabeth

Cabin Crew I"m hardworking,discipline,honest,reliable and a challenge seeker.
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Garry Hart

Garry Hart from Port Elizabeth

57 years old, male
I am a very energetic and positive person. Motivating and uplifting people is what i like to do. Even though i have a certificate in Horticulture and have worked most of my life in that industry, i have other skills where it comes to nature or to gym. i have found that it does not matter which industry your career is in, management stays the same and how you live your life and touch others is important. Being healthy and fit as been a priority in my life, healthy body is a healthy mind. I will be relocating to Port Elizabeth end of August and would be open for interviews
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Zanele Minenhle Mthembu

Zanele Minenhle Mthembu from Port Elizabeth

21 years old, female
Cleaning in stores
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Alouise Du Preez

Alouise Du Preez from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, male
I am an independent, confident and energetic recently graduated student with a passion for my area of expertise, which is working and communicating with people. I believe in strong moral values and that a balanced lifestyle is important for family, personal and career success. The strong leadership qualities I possess enable me to inspire and motivate others to achieve and exceed expectations on a daily basis. Accuracy, perfection, organisation and preparedness is present in my everyday work and personal life. I do not believe in leaving room for error. I am a team player with a noticeable willingness to work hard and exceed even my own expectations. Two words that describe me the best are loyalty and determination. I never give up and always finish what I start, no matter how hard it may become. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and frequently work hard at bettering myself. I focus on learning new lessons from each one of my experiences and from every person I meet. I am someone who cares about my community and fully believe that a positive attitude and a friendly smile can change a person’s life (or even one day) for the better. All the abilities and beliefs above mentioned I have developed through learning life experiences, hard work, determination and an excellent support system. I am eager and excited to learn and develop new skills, as well as gain the necessary knowledge to build a successful career for myself in order to support my own family in the future. Thank you for your kind attention. Sincerely, Alouise du Preez
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Lentricia Barendse

Lentricia Barendse from Port Elizabeth

21 years old, male
A job that require no experience where training will be provided because for matriculants who just finished school is hard for us to find jobs because we do not have any experience whatsoever. My positive points are that I am able to work with people and can easily communicate with them and always wants to strive to do better
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Noluvuyo Lerato Moss

Noluvuyo Lerato Moss from Port Elizabeth

23 years old, female
I like to cook and I like to work
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Phila Daweti

Phila Daweti from Port Elizabeth

43 years old, female
I am looking for office admin job, receptionist, office assistant I can also do research I've worked for HSRC
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Erin Paice

Erin Paice from East Rand

37 years old, female
Hardworking all-rounder who is loyal, dedicated, reliable and works with discretion Honest person who lives life with integrity Disciplined with sober habits Fast and eager learner who loves to acquire new skills Work well independently but appreciate team work as a work ethic Computer literate with above average typing skills and accuracy, self taught in Publisher Good problem solving skills as I can use initiative Excellent communication skills Down to earth person that can get on with people from all walks of life Ability to multi-task, perform under pressure and always willing to go the extra mile
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Calven Wilde

Calven Wilde from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, male
I'm looking for any job as long as I can get paid.I'm a hard worker n will prove my competence. I'm not looking for hand outs and am willing to work my way up the ladder if given a chance..thank you and god bless
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Paulina Lekeba

Paulina Lekeba from Pretoria / Tshwane

I am interested in supervisor jobs, preferably managerial
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Gawie Victor

Gawie Victor from Port Elizabeth

PROFESSIONAL RESUME Gawie Victor Address: 49 Long Market street. Colchester. South Africa Contact numbers: 0842434797 E-mail: Career Summary I am a dynamic, dedicated individual with a total of 16 years firefighting and 3 years training experience, for the last 3 years I was part of junior management, accompanied by the necessary qualifications in this field. I have gained valuable skills working in the petrochemical environment. Career statement I believe in performing to the best of my ability and have confidence in my proficiencies. I am able to work independently and ensure that my role remains effective and efficient whereby all tasks are handled in the shortest time possible, striving to keep all business interruptions brief. To perform in a professional manner that supports all objectives and requirements relevant to my position. By assisting my team wherever necessary I also increase their productivity. I adapt well to change and succeed under pressure. Loyalty describes me and I personally say that it’s one of the skills which are required for individuals to be able to maintain effective relationships with customers (internally and externally) as well as with our colleagues. Career History Senior Station Officer - Sasol Emergency Management 2015 – 12/2016 Roles and responsibilities as stated before Acting as Divisional Commander from November 2015 • Time Management • Legal Compliance Station Officer - Sasol Emergency Management 2013 – 2014 • Managing overtime • Managing the shift scheduling on the yearly roster in regards to overtime, courses, sick leave, family responsibility leave and unplanned leave • Managing the monthly statutory work (Service Work) in regards of legal compliance • Attending Potential deviation analysis, to ensure that the work is done in a safe manner with all safety problems addressed and all safety features are in place • Report writing of preliminary reports, ambulance reports and carry over reports • Maintaining Shift personnel training and competency • Coordinating, mitigating and presenting Live Fire drills accordance to NFPA Standards • Coordinating, mitigating and presenting High Angle Rescues, Confined Space rescues, vehicle and Machinery Extrications (Live Drills and competency reviews) • Coordinating, mitigating and presenting Hazardous Material incidents and training (Live Drill`s and competency reviews) • Coordinating, mitigating and presenting special services, like snake handling, exotic animal removal and relocation • Effective arrangements for yearly medical surveillance for my shift • Effective arrangement for compulsory courses like SHE Overview, Legal Compliance and National Induction • Arranging rehabilitation for exhausted employee on long incidents, like beverages and food • In charge of overall Scene Safety of personnel and patients on scene until I am relieved of that duty • As a Fire Ground Officer, My duties is to maintain safety and keep the business interruptions brief, I am also responsible for the Debriefing after the incident with all parties involved • At the station I am responsible for everybody’s safety on the floor, and it is also my duty to ensure day to day tasks is completed in a professional manner • Shift and SHE Meetings is arranged in advance and that we comply to the standards • Shift Communications is done regarding SHE Learning and Insights and Near misses as well as General Communication • Assuring Behavioral Based Safety for the shift is completed according to set standards • Performing Standby Duties for Shift Strength and Emergencies that may arise Achievements: • South African Emergency Services Institute – Bronze Service Medal August 2010 – Awarded for 10 Years’ Service • Sasol Secunda Shared Services – Recognition of living the value of Customer Focus - 2008 • I am actively involved in mitigating all types of emergencies encountered in the Sasol environment, like fires, gas releases, product spills, High Angle and confined space rescues as well as special services like snake handling and so forth. Practitioner Learning – Sasol Emergency Management Training Academy 01/10/2010 – 01/11/2013 • Course design o Rope Technician II – Complete design from new technology and advanced techniques to SAQA accreditation o Confined Space Rescue Technician 1 – Complete design from new technology and advanced techniques to SAQA accreditation o Confined Space Rescue Technician II – Complete design from new technology and advanced techniques to SAQA accreditation o Inspection of Fire and Safety Equipment – New presentation o One Day Basic Industrial Firefighting with gas cloud handling – Complete Design • Presentation (Theory and Practical Skills) o Fire and Gas (Practical National Induction) o Safety Harness Training o Inspection of Fire and Safety Equipment o Firefighter I o Firefighter II o Introduction to Hazardous Materials o Transportation of Dangerous Goods o Hazmat Awareness o Hazmat Operational o Hazmat Technician o Rope Technician I o Rope Technician II o Confined Space Rescue I o Confined Space Rescue II o One Day Basic Industrial Firefighting with gas cloud handling o Advanced Petrochemical Firefighting o Advanced Petrochemical Firefighting for Instructors o Bag valve Mask Training • IFSAC Accreditations compiled o Industrial Fire Brigade Member Incipient Level o Industrial Fire Brigade Member Interior and Exterior Firefighting • Maintaining the Training stores and the Training ground • Maintaining training records (results and practical competencies) • Shift Meetings with the Divisional Commander on the Shift I am responsible for • Maintaining Shift Competencies • General office functions • Performing Standby duties for the roll of Scene Safety and Camera Duties Firefighter – Emergency Management 2006/11 – 30/09/2010 • Responding to any incident that may arise • General Station work • Doing Standby Key Competencies & Skills • Competent in Firefighting and all relevant duties • Customer Service • Excellent administrative skills • Proficient in MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet • Excellent interpersonal skills - good communicator, leadership, high integrity • Strong planning, organising and monitoring abilities - an efficient time-manager • Self-driven and self-reliant - sets aims and targets and leads by example • Good interpersonal skills - works well with others, motivates and encourages • Adaptable and flexible; well-organised planner and scheduler • Diligent and conscientious - reliable and dependable • Good strategic appreciation and vision; able to build and implement sophisticated plans • Determined and decisive; uses initiative to meet and resolve challenges Relevant Qualifications T2 – Management, Fire Technology , Construction Tshwane University of Technology T1 – Management, Fire Technology, Construction, Physics, Hydraulics, Chemistry 2013 Coach The Learner, Certificate in OD ETDP Study School 1 and 2 , busy with study school 3 Maucauvlei 2011 SAESI – Higher Certificate South African Emergency Services Institute Grade 12 Math and Science High School Oosterland 1997 Specialised Training • Basic Ambulance Assistant Course (Completed 1999) • Basic Wild land and Grass Fire Course (Completed 1999) • Grass Fire Fighting (Completed 1999) • Hazmat Awareness (Completed 2001) • Pump Operators Course (Completed 2001) • Fire Fighter 1 (SAESI Completed 2008 NFPA 1001) • Fire Fighter 2 (SAESI Completed 2008 NFPA 1001) • Hazmat Awareness (SAESI Completed 2008 NFPA 472) • Hazmat Operational (SAESI Completed 2008 NFPA 472) • Hazmat Technician (SAESI Completed 2008 NFPA 472) • High Angle Rescue (Completed 2007) • Confined Space Rescue (Completed 2007) • Vehicle Extrication (Completed 2012) • One Day Basic Petrochemical Fire Fighting (Completed 2009) • Two Day Advance Petrochemical Fire Fighting (Completed 2009) • Three Day Advance Petrochemical Fire Fighting (Completed 2008) • Junior Advance Petrochemical Fire Fighting Instructor (Completed 2009) • Advance Petrochemical Fire Fighting Instructor (Completed 2009) • Senior Advanced Petrochemical Fire Fighting Instructor (Completed 2011) • Fire Service Instructor I (SAESI Completed 2010 NFPA 1041) • Snake Identification and Handling (Completed 2008) • Grass and Wild land Fire Fighting (Completed 2008) • Fundamentals of risk assesments • Advanced Risk Assessment • HAZOP Studies • Drager Instructors Training to present Drager Airline Respiratory Equipment (2013) • The South African Labor Guide • Managing Your Human Resources (Completed 2009) • Computer Knowledge • Computer Technician • Extensive Knowledge of Software • Networks etc. References Available upon request
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Nwabisa Pretty Kunene

Nwabisa Pretty Kunene from Port Elizabeth

45 years old, female
Data capturer and dispatch or receiver clerk. I have been doing data capturing and dispatching for 10 years. I am a fast learner and I am ambitious about my work.
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