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Jamie Roach

Jamie Roach from Port Elizabeth

22 years old, female
I'm looking for a Internship, Call Centre, Receptionist or office job. I studied Business Management n4-n6 I currently don't have experience. I'm a hard worker, I'm always punctual I can work under pressure and I always try to do my utmost best in everything I do , i'm a fast learner, I'm also honest and reliable.
3 weeks ago
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Akhona Matinise

Akhona Matinise from Port Elizabeth

33 years old, male
Security job because I have experience I ambition about what I'm done Im quick learner
3 weeks ago
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Shashalee Peters

Shashalee Peters from Port Elizabeth

27 years old, female
1 months ago
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Thamsanqa Mtselu

Thamsanqa Mtselu from Port Elizabeth

32 years old, male
Semi skilled electrican
3 months ago
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Zukiswa Tameni

Zukiswa Tameni from Port Elizabeth

29 years old, female
3 months ago
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Sungano Simiyoni

Sungano Simiyoni

45 years old, female
Am a registered Practitioner in Holistic Health and Nutrition holding A Bachelors Degree with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. Have managed to cure a number of chronic dieases with the use of good nutrition. These include patients with HIV and AIDS, cancer, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems to name a few. Am also a qualified Counsellor. A student in Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Management.Also i have been conducting a number of wellness programs of which one of them was published on the internet, have been doing health talks on the Radio. 21 years of work experience.
3 months ago
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Phumelele Thandeka Cele

Phumelele Thandeka Cele from Durban City

25 years old, female
I work well under pressure and I am very hard working. I am also a great team player with good interpersonal skills.
3 months ago
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Sarel Duvenage

Sarel Duvenage from Ermelo

37 years old, male
I have more than 14 years working experience off which 7 years are in management level. I have achieved many milestones including operations saving, plant improvement, performance record and upgrades. I have a strong passion for leadership. Always involve in when risky situations call for it and always keep level headed. My leadership are constantly recognised. I have worked as Day Shift team leader, Shift Team leader and Shift Manager in different departments. Also worked in a raw material plant were we did daily stock control, releasing and ordering material.Currently Shift Manager
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Phelokazi Poni

Phelokazi Poni from Port Elizabeth

23 years old, female
Team work strong work ethic work under pressure good communication skill hard worker
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Maxine Katzen

Maxine Katzen from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, male
Working with people. Helping out where i can learning new things. Positive worker. Up for learning.
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Meghan Snyman

Meghan Snyman from Port Elizabeth

30 years old, male
Im curreently looking for any job available. Im in sales at the moment so i am good with peope. Solving problems. Selling products. Admin Working on a computer
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Nosibambatiso Bambie Madela

Nosibambatiso Bambie Madela from Port Elizabeth

34 years old, female
Airport Car Rentals Administration Secretarial Driver/Transport I'm a very vibrant young lady. Always willing to learn new things. Team worker. Able to work under pressure.
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Samantha Semone Alberts

Samantha Semone Alberts from Port Elizabeth

35 years old, female
The positions I'm interested in will be flight attendant/ cabin crew etc. My positive points: I'm very neatly groomed, healthy, professional, loyal, hard working, customer service orientated, goal orientated, prefer challenges etc.
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Sambesiwe Ndayi

Sambesiwe Ndayi from Port Elizabeth

19 years old, female
-I am a smart, articulate, versatile, confident, hard working female and a fast learner. I easily adapt to new environments and work type. -Well organised; good planner and time manager. -Active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done. -Able to communicate orally, in writing, or via electronic means, in a manner appropriate to the audience. -Ability to relate well to others and establish good working relationship. Ability to build trust and credibility with manager and employees
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Ronnie Spies

Ronnie Spies from Johannesburg

47 years old, male
Hi. I'm looking for something in warehouse or store management, similarly something in that field. I have strong leadership qualities and have a high work ethic. I believe strongly in being punctual and staying till the job is done. I do not drink and have good values. I'm in very good health and keep myself in good shape. I'm currently employed but living apart from my loved ones as they are settled in Port Elizabeth. I'm looking to relocate at the end of 2017.
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Shane Kenverdonica Damons

Shane Kenverdonica Damons from Port Elizabeth

Cabin Crew I"m hardworking,discipline,honest,reliable and a challenge seeker.
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Garry Hart

Garry Hart from Port Elizabeth

58 years old, male
I am a very energetic and positive person. Motivating and uplifting people is what i like to do. Even though i have a certificate in Horticulture and have worked most of my life in that industry, i have other skills where it comes to nature or to gym. i have found that it does not matter which industry your career is in, management stays the same and how you live your life and touch others is important. Being healthy and fit as been a priority in my life, healthy body is a healthy mind. I will be relocating to Port Elizabeth end of August and would be open for interviews
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Zanele Minenhle Mthembu

Zanele Minenhle Mthembu from Port Elizabeth

21 years old, female
Cleaning in stores
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Alouise Du Preez

Alouise Du Preez from Port Elizabeth

25 years old, male
I am an independent, confident and energetic recently graduated student with a passion for my area of expertise, which is working and communicating with people. I believe in strong moral values and that a balanced lifestyle is important for family, personal and career success. The strong leadership qualities I possess enable me to inspire and motivate others to achieve and exceed expectations on a daily basis. Accuracy, perfection, organisation and preparedness is present in my everyday work and personal life. I do not believe in leaving room for error. I am a team player with a noticeable willingness to work hard and exceed even my own expectations. Two words that describe me the best are loyalty and determination. I never give up and always finish what I start, no matter how hard it may become. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and frequently work hard at bettering myself. I focus on learning new lessons from each one of my experiences and from every person I meet. I am someone who cares about my community and fully believe that a positive attitude and a friendly smile can change a person’s life (or even one day) for the better. All the abilities and beliefs above mentioned I have developed through learning life experiences, hard work, determination and an excellent support system. I am eager and excited to learn and develop new skills, as well as gain the necessary knowledge to build a successful career for myself in order to support my own family in the future. Thank you for your kind attention. Sincerely, Alouise du Preez
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Lentricia Barendse

Lentricia Barendse from Port Elizabeth

21 years old, male
A job that require no experience where training will be provided because for matriculants who just finished school is hard for us to find jobs because we do not have any experience whatsoever. My positive points are that I am able to work with people and can easily communicate with them and always wants to strive to do better
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