Posted on: 16 August 2016
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Public Relations Intern


Firstly, this isn't a job ad, I'm not a huge company or horrible boss looking to feed off an intern, this is me, asking you for help.

My name is Shakirah, I launched a Public Relations agency last Thursday, which focuses on public relations for creatives. Crazy right? Last Thursday and I'm already looking for an intern. This is the thing:

- I can't guarantee you a set amount of money every month, I just started my agency, and even I don't know what my potential earning is. I started this agency based on passion, and right now, that's what I'm running on.

I'm looking for someone like me. Someone who loves music, art, Cape Town and all it's creativity. I see the potential in this and when I make money, you'll make money. I'm not here to screw you over.

What I'm looking for?

- Someone between the ages of 17 & 21 (preferably) who's interested in going into public relations but what I do also includes entertainment, events management, music, art, social media & more

- You don't have to be studying in this field as long as you have an interest, but studying ATM would be to your advantage.

- If your social media game is strong, it will count to your advantage. I'm looking for someone to start focusing on that immediately.

- You need to live close to or have easy access to the Cape Town CBD - I host ALL my meetings in the city and that's usually where I work from.

- Preferably have your own laptop, but it may not be a deal breaker if you have the right personality, but a smart phone is a must.

- Bubbly personality, well spoken, eager to learn, willing to fail with me and get back up again.

- You MUST be well organized!

- Creative writing will work in your favour, send me examples if you have

- If you are into any other form of creative expression ie. music production, DJing, photography, graffiti, drawing, graphics etc send me examples or links.

So that's me, open and honest. Don't waste my time with applications if you're not willing to build with me. If money is your primary focus, this isn't for you.

No set working hours, if you have other commitments like another job or school - that's okay, we can work around it.

Send me whatever you think will make me want to meet with you. It can be a CV or a video, whatever.

I'm looking for someone to start immediately.

Check me out before you apply:

@shakirah_sky on twitter & instagram

Looking forward to meeting you. :)

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