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Nokhanyo Njeya

Nokhanyo Njeya from Bizana

25 years old, female
I'm looking for a job that will give me challege.I have a good listening and communication skill.
2 months ago
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Majozi Zandile

Majozi Zandile from Drakensberg

40 years old, female
Admin clerk
3 months ago
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Zanele Yondela Cuba

Zanele Yondela Cuba from Durban City

35 years old, female
Have good communication skills A positive human being Hard working somebody
4 months ago
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King Ppeter Petersonrich

King Ppeter Petersonrich from East Rand

45 years old, male
Illuminati group
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Audrey Manuel

Audrey Manuel from Cape Town

38 years old, female
Home based carer job, my passion is to care for others and do my best to my ability to satisfy there need.Im a hard worker, quick learner
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Simon Boshielo

Simon Boshielo from Pretoria / Tshwane

47 years old, male
Management and related jobs. I am an excellent communicator and writers. facilitator and very good with people management. I have operated in highest level of operational and management structures in government and civil society
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Zolani Skoma

Zolani Skoma from Cape Town

25 years old, male
Soutih African Maritime safety Authority in Sean
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Raisibe Joyce Baloyi

Raisibe Joyce Baloyi from Pretoria / Tshwane

35 years old, female
Im looking for a seamstress job .im a hardworking person.dedicated .i love sewing
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Maria Shunyuni

Maria Shunyuni

38 years old, female
I am currently working for the office of the judiciary as a legal clerk. I have been with office of the judiciary since 01 August 2012. I am computer literate ,have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.I also posses exceptional presentation and analytical skills I am energetic, physically and mentally and have the ability to cope with stress.I'm fully bilingual in English and Afrikaans. My working environment gave me a huge experience to enable me to work under pressure and high stress tolerance. Due to my working experience, working under the department of criminal department, traffic department,archives and mainly the cash hall department I believe it has made me the a useful candidate for any position. I would like to assure you that given the opportunity to join any of the positions i apply for I can make a great contribution to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the department and that of the entire Company. Looking forward to your response, thank you in advance
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Aphiwe Sityebi

Aphiwe Sityebi from Durban City

25 years old, male
I am currently looking for a job in the fashion field, mostly in pattern cutting, design development and fashion sampling, my positive points are understanding how to work with a client and illustrating with various techniques
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Zanele Blaai

Zanele Blaai from West Rand

27 years old, female
I would highly appreciate if I get this job,I need the experience.I am active,love being around people,hard working nd competent.
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Zandile Magwaza

Zandile Magwaza from Durban City

27 years old, female
I like working with people,I like helping those who are in need & I have good communication taken from my grade 12 class in high school.
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Pragashnie Singh

Pragashnie Singh from Johannesburg

43 years old, female
I am in the clothing industry from 2005,Manufacturing garments is my passion in life , working with people and assisting them how to go about doing it is what I enjoy doing ,I can work on a machine floor ,supervise in a dispatch,work on industrial machines,sort out trims and manage a factory,I really want to relocate from Durban to Johannesburg.
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Hazel Mchunu

Hazel Mchunu from Durban City

25 years old, female
Iam wiilng to get a dressmaking job I have a basic sewing certificate right now am working @ rossabella catering .mY personal attributes acquired are. Professionalism ,goal oriented. Honesty self confident . abbillity to deal with pressure
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Ranteke Clifford Kholu

Ranteke Clifford Kholu from Johannesburg

42 years old, male
I'm looking for any general work,l m a reliable,trustworthy,hard worker,team working,willing to learn more about my work and punctually.lm looking forward to your reply.
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Khumbuzile Nzama

Khumbuzile Nzama from Durban City

Firstly l have matric certicate,computer literacy,security cert,HIV and Aids cert and I am desparatly woman I need l am hard work an honest person when I do my work.
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Aziza Diedericks

Aziza Diedericks from Cape Flats

57 years old, female
I'm very motivated and dedicated and hardworking person who like to create things with my hands.
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