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Chumani Lukubeni

Chumani Lukubeni from Queenstown

38 years old, male
Massenger driver
3 days ago
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Zipho Nkam

Zipho Nkam from Bhisho

39 years old, male
An honest and reliable person with over ten years working experience in retail, both as a sales advisor and a driver. I am also a very good communicator with all relevant stake holders and works well in a team or as an individual requiring minimum supervision. I have a good track record for being a good learner/ listener.
2 months ago
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Ayanda Qaka

Ayanda Qaka from Queenstown

32 years old, male
Any job that is available ,in will take it and I love to work with people.
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Sabonga Tomsana

Sabonga Tomsana from Mdantsane

27 years old, male
I am hard worker always positive therefore I am looking for a challenge entry level position in this field of logistics. I am fast learner ability to work under any kind of pressure, I'' been delivering and collecting parcels for couple of years now on courier it . I will appreciate an opportunity to discuss this matter further details
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Francis Musungo

Francis Musungo from Eastern Cape

27 years old, male
I'm looking for a job as an Undertaker, at any funeral palour wich has got a vacancy
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Grayson Mgalla

Grayson Mgalla from Queenstown

72 years old, male
My honest,my williness are something to consider while doing my job
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Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla

Steve Mogau Anthony Sepitla from Pretoria / Tshwane

42 years old, male
I,m very energetic, and a fast learner,i need a job that will allow me,To work enough, so i can earn enough,4 my family, s wellbeing, a job that will allow me to travel/work enough hours,so i can earn a reasonable income,of which now i can't, I have now 16years in truck driving industry, and accident free,defensive driver i am.
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