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Chumani Lukubeni

Chumani Lukubeni from Queenstown

38 years old, male
Massenger driver
1 weeks ago
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Riana Mahobe

Riana Mahobe from Queenstown

29 years old, female
Im able to work under pressure and i like working with for any admin work
2 weeks ago
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Siyasanga Booi

Siyasanga Booi from Queenstown

19 years old, female
I am currently working as a part time assistant. I am very good with my hands, I'm a fast learner and I am also a very good cook.
2 months ago
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Zipho Nkam

Zipho Nkam from Bhisho

39 years old, male
An honest and reliable person with over ten years working experience in retail, both as a sales advisor and a driver. I am also a very good communicator with all relevant stake holders and works well in a team or as an individual requiring minimum supervision. I have a good track record for being a good learner/ listener.
3 months ago
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Tapelo Gadala

Tapelo Gadala from East Rand

27 years old, male
Looking for hospitality industry as commis chef. I like working with food to prove that i have certificates for hospitality and Catering Services.As i worked in the industry i have developed some ability such as
3 months ago
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Asanda Mattini

Asanda Mattini from Queenstown

39 years old, female
Office assistant My positive points are working well with the team I can solve the problem politely
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Azikiwe Nazeem Ndinisa

Azikiwe Nazeem Ndinisa from Queenstown

26 years old, male
I'm looking for a security job. My qualifications and experience I have,can put clients on a safe and secure place.
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Nolukhanyo Bhongoza

Nolukhanyo Bhongoza from Port Alfred

30 years old, female
General Job -I am a hard worker -I want to make my dream come true -My job comes first -Customers always right -I take care of customers -I love working with people
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Sisipho Thembani

Sisipho Thembani from Queenstown

23 years old, female
I'm looking for a store jobs
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Sisipho Thembani

Sisipho Thembani from Queenstown

23 years old, female
I'm looking for a store jobs
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Sinazo Mbamba

Sinazo Mbamba from Queenstown

26 years old, female
To be a cleaner.hard worker,honesty,trustworthy and loyal
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Zanele Myeko

Zanele Myeko from Queenstown

26 years old, female
Am looking for retail job as a cashier. I wish my name will in selections to find any kind of job am the hardworker am available at any time i need this job really
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Ayanda Qaka

Ayanda Qaka from Queenstown

32 years old, male
Any job that is available ,in will take it and I love to work with people.
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Asanda Zandy Msuthwana

Asanda Zandy Msuthwana from Queenstown

21 years old, female
Deli position I have good attitude and I how to keep everyone happy... I'm talkative
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Masonele Memeza

Masonele Memeza from Umtata / Mthatha

25 years old, male
Electrical Engineering or security
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Simphiwe Zenzile

Simphiwe Zenzile from Queenstown

35 years old, male
Looking for security or a CCTV operator
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Simamkele Tshanga

Simamkele Tshanga from Cape Town

22 years old, female
Any kind of job
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Snevya Kado Mushi

Snevya Kado Mushi from Queenstown

23 years old, female
Am looking for an accountant job because it’s what I’ve studied and am confident in it. Honestly making development is what I aim in every thing I do
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Ayanda Komani

Ayanda Komani from East London

33 years old, male
Adminstartion Finance
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Sabonga Tomsana

Sabonga Tomsana from Mdantsane

27 years old, male
I am hard worker always positive therefore I am looking for a challenge entry level position in this field of logistics. I am fast learner ability to work under any kind of pressure, I'' been delivering and collecting parcels for couple of years now on courier it . I will appreciate an opportunity to discuss this matter further details
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